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Molester in the transport centre

Published:Monday | March 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Commuters prepare to board a JUTC bus at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre. Letter writer A. Lawrence has warned parents to give their children safety guidelines when taking the bus at the transport hub. - FILE


About 8:45 a.m. Friday, March 1, a family member arrived in the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre and went to the 17A/18A bus stop. She observed three schoolboys, two standing nearby, and the third - approximately 12-13 years of age - seated.

The bus stop was quite deserted. A male, approximately 30-45 years of age, sat down dangerously close to this boy and whispered something to him. My relative became very alert as it was obvious that the youngster was very uncomfortable. The youngster relocated to another area of the seat and the man again went around to him!

The youngster, she noted, said aloud, "A whaa duh dis man yah!" The boy then got up, and positioned himself beside the other two school boys. Perhaps, they too, were watching this scenario.

One would think that the fact that the youngster got up, the molester, yes, the molester, would walk away. To my relative's dismay, the man got up, walked over to the boys and very aggressively grabbed the hand of the said youngster whose back was to him, while reaching into his own pocket (perhaps, a weapon?). Thank God the youngster got away, as all three boys scattered in different directions!

Sadly and surprisingly, there was no security personnel in sight!

My family member spotted a female Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) worker who directed her to where three guards were some distance away, but it was too late.

Society needs to be rid of these predators, for they are the ones who will rape and murder our helpless children!

I have since informed a JUTC manager and pray that security personnel will be alert in the transport centre when schoolchildren are expected to be at the bus stops and are further assigned in the afternoons, also, in the area where those physically/mentally challenged children wait on the special bus.

I shudder to think what if it had been a mentally/physically challenged child at the bus stop with this despicable molester.

I urge parents/guardians to warn their children not to stay at the bus stops if the area is deserted but rather to stand near any of the shops in the centre. Also tell them that if they are on any JUTC bus which is empty, they should not sit at the back but closer to the driver.

We must be vigilant!


St Catherine