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Khalilah Rose to donate earnings from Yeroc deal to charity

Published:Monday | March 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Khalilah Rose

She started out doing music simply for the love of it, and that's the reason why she's still doing it. From day one, it was never about fortune or fame for the talented reggae singer who goes by the name Khalilah Rose, but she knew that, ultimately, fame and success would come her way.

The soft-spoken singer, who is originally from the parish of Portland, recently signed a multimillion-dollar deal with US-based eyewear company Yeroc, which is owned by Jamaican-born fashion mogul Corey Woods.

The deal, which is said to be worth in excess of $20 million, will see Khalilah representing Yeroc for the next two years. She will be featured in ad campaigns for the company and Yeroc will also release a line of eyewear bearing her name.

Khalilah Rose says she feels honoured that she has been selected by Corey Woods to represent his company.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity; Yeroc is a very strong eyewear brand in the US and I feel truly blessed to have been chosen by Corey Woods to represent his brand. I'm very hopeful that this deal will be fruitful for all concerned parties," she said.

Rose also stated that she plans to donate a substantial portion of her earnings from the Yeroc deal to charity.

"I feel truly blessed for all that I'm receiving from my music career and I want to share my success with those of us who are less fortunate; and, therefore, over the next two years, I will be giving a great portion the of money I earn from the deal with Yeroc to charity. I especially want to help in the area of education, because it's very important that the youths get a proper education as they are the men and women of tomorrow. As time progresses, I will give more information to the media about these activities," said the artiste.

Khalilah Rose is currently in New York working on a number of projects including an EP for Sony Red.