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Sizzla readies for Spring Break

Published:Monday | March 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Sizzla - File

Miguel Collins, the fire-burning entertainer more popularly known as Sizzla Kalonji, is set to ignite the stage at Spring Break in Negril.

The entertainer intends to deliver for his adorning fans, who anticipate his performance come March 30.

According to Sizzla, since becoming associated with the Spring Break brand he has been a staple at the event. He looks forward to the annual stageshow that still remains on the dancehall calendar along with a handful of others.

"Every year Sizzla does Spring Break, Negril. The usual great performance is what I bring. People know Sizzla always get intimate with the crowd and bring that out into the show. Just a natural Rastaman doing his thing," said Sizzla.

A regular visitor to Negril, one of Jamaica's major tourist havens, Sizzla shares his connection with the town.

"Negril, Spring Break is all about interaction ... I'm a regular down there ... The people love the vibe I bring, each time I am there I go out and know the areas, the people and then I incorporate that into the package."

Football competition

Sizzla also mentioned a football competition scheduled to run as one of the varied day-time activities during the festival, which the organisers are hoping to have him take part.

"I'm aware of the football but you know that has to be given more thought ... Chin dem a deal with it cause it's a family thing ... I play football but I can't go out there and get injured," reasoned Sizzla.

His association with Spring Break, Negril has been significant in many ways.

The event, according to Sizzla, as he remembers vividly, changed from sound system operation to bands.

"They used sound system when they started the show, however, when it was Kalonji's first time on Spring Break, the bands came into play until this day and that's what I remember of my first time performing there," said Kalonji.

Sizzla has several ambitious plans already in progress that will bring hope and aspire many.

"There is also the Sizzla Youth Foundation. We building a museum situated right here in the August Town community, at the same time we working on more music, various songs currently mixing. I also have a spring water brand called 'Kiduse' to be released soon, so people can look out for that."

The artiste strongly believes that not having an American visa has affected his ability to earn, however, his intention is not to be dormant. He will continue to adjust and focus on cleaning up the community. Sizzla releases his new album, The Messiah on Thursday. He will later depart for a July 24 European tour.

The Thank You Mama singer will perform at numerous festivals and concerts over the summer.