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'You've got to be kidding!'

Published:Monday | April 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Daviot Kelly

For the second consecutive time, a Super Lotto winner did not claim their prize. After a J$171-million jackpot went unclaimed between October and December 2012, a $186-million winner has also missed the boat between December and March. Between them they have collected the same amount of money from the lotto as I have - zero dollars! Only difference is, I've never won, so, realistically, I'm better off than they are. Better to have won and blown it all, than to have won but didn't collect it. Or is it?

Anyway, quite frankly, I am flabbergasted. I just don't see how, having gone through the trouble of: 1) selecting numbers, 2) finding the money to pay for the ticket, 3) going to the shop/supermarket/gas station/gaming outlet, 4) joining the line at the establishment, and 5) having your ticket punched, you then put the ticket away and forget to look to see if your numbers were selected. It just doesn't make sense to me.


It could be a situation where buying the Super Lotto has become as routine as buying your groceries. When something becomes a part of your routine, you'll be half-way through it sometimes before you realise what you were up to. So that feeling of 'this could be the ticket to my dreams' isn't there anymore, so there's no impulse to go reading the papers the next day to see which numbers were selected, much less actually switching the channel to see the live draw. I've bought the regular Lotto about three times, one ticket each time. I got five numbers, just not all on the same ticket (rolls eyes). But at least I always checked to see if my financial dreams had been realised.

Perhaps persons are sooo secretive, they put the ticket away in a really obscure place; somewhere that an unscrupulous individual who wants to steal the ticket cannot find easily. Kind of like a password that you make so complicated, nobody can figure it out. The problem is, with almost everything needing a password these days, you can easily forget it, and end up locking yourself out. So maybe the last two Super Lotto winners just forgot where they hid the ticket. Or perhaps the ticket was in a stack of other pieces of paper and the person just did a purge of their wallet or purse, not remembering the ticket was inside.

In all of this, the CHASE Fund won't mind one bit, as, under the rules, half of any unclaimed prize goes to them. So maybe the last two winners are Good Samaritans who wanted to make their donation that way. Of course, the other half goes back to Supreme Ventures Ltd, and I doubt anybody would be that generous.

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