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Black as Cole endear themselves to Redbones audience

Published:Monday | April 22, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

RedBones Blues Café is known for featuring talented music acts who might not have tapped into the mainstream market yet but still appeal to a particular niche of music lovers here in Jamaica.

Black as Cole is one of those acts, and on Friday night the young band further bolstered its growing fan base.

The band of seven labels itself as a 'Jam-on-Dub' group, a term which it coined to reference its particular style of music fusion which involves integrating various genres with reggae and dub music.

Black as Cole's performance was as refreshingly original and authentic as its music and the audience at Redbones were left asking for more.

The Gleaner caught up with Black as Cole's lead singer, Cecile Black, after the show and the songbird revealed she was surprised by the turnout.

"While I was on stage, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by happiness because of the turnout. We were a bit nervous about the crowd because we were late in promoting the show, but a lot of people came and we are very grateful," Black revealed.

Masterful set

After starting things off with a spiritual song titled A Chapter a Day, followed by an introduction of the band, Black as Cole delivered a masterful set which hinted that they are a band with vast experience as performance.

Feeding off the vibe of the audience, the band's lead singer was all passion as she led her fellow musicians through the onslaught of conscious and uplifting music.

There was a section about love with an intimate rendition of a song called Musical Romance, followed by an acoustic set where the backup vocalists were each given a turn in the spotlight.

"You'll never hear Black as Cole sing about badmind; it's all about love. The band has its foundation rooted in love and we've built on that as we've matured in our craft," said Black.

Black went on to add that she was happy to see that the spectators, who might have initially come for dinner, stayed for the show.

To say the band's performance was dynamic would be an understatement, but the audience was definitely captivated.

The show ended after a short break with a segment labelled the 'world music section' and Black as Cole left the stage on a reverberating high note.