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Past students give back to Mt James All-Age

Published:Friday | May 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Phyllis Anderson of the Jamaica Reading Association reads to grade-three students at the Jamaica Reading Association and First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Reading Week 'Read-Aloud' session at the Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School on Tuesday. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

THE MT JAMES All-Age School, West Rural St Andrew, is once again the proud recipient of donations from the past students' associations of Mt James and St Theresa's All-Age schools, a past students' chapter located in Mt Vernon, New York, USA.

This donation includes a laptop, multipurpose printer, packets of ink, a computer keyboard and mouse as well as pens and pencils.

Prior to this donation, the school, less than two years ago, received a laptop, printer and a cordless mouse. These laptops are used for the delivery of computer-aided instructions and for preparing other teaching aids for the students.

Most of the students are computer literate and are able to type, draw, colour and manipulate interactive CDs comfortably. It is of concern to the teachers, however, that less than one per cent of the students enrolled has a computer at home or has access to a computer outside of school.

There is no Internet service except by cellphones, which the students uses to do research. A computer laboratory with an adequate number of computers for use by the students and wider community has been the dream of the leadership for many years.

According to a release from the association, it is currently subsidising the school's breakfast programme at Mt James as well. "A healthy breakfast is served every morning and this has been yielding very positive results."

The release added: "Incidents of fainting and stomach aches in the mornings are now 'things of the past'. Students are more alert and healthier: there is also improvement in academic performance. Parents welcome this initiative as the preparation time and the expense associated with breakfast are no longer challenges for them."