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Charity and a show - Gleaner's Mother's Day project accelerates with help from To Mom With Love

Published:Sunday | May 5, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The Manhattans
Thelma Reid

The Gleaner's Mother's Day project to engage the public in assisting selected mothers in need of tremendous financial help has picked up speed with the first recipient of the effort already beginning to see benefits.

On Saturday, with the help of Golden Promotions, Tank-Weld, and DownSound Records, Thelma Reid witnessed material being laid down for a new house.

Golden Promotions is the organisation in charge of To Mom With Love, an event that will include The Manhattans and Rose Royce from the United States.

One of the chief organisers of the To Mom With Love is popular promoter, Isaiah Laing.

"Mothers in Jamaica, mothers all over the world are dear to me," said Laing, when asked about his involvement with the project.

"I am a Gemini, and that sign is the combination of man and woman, we can't do anything without the ladies," he said.

Laing was only too happy to join The Gleaner in helping Reid to see brighter days, "When Dwayne [Gordon, STAR Editor) began speaking, I stopped him mid-sentence saying, 'that is something I would love to be a part of'."

The project

This project is being done to coincide with Mother's Day.

There will be articles published in THE STAR newspaper next week to make the public aware of the individual cases. The Gleaner has already identified at least three cases of persons in need of desperate assistance, and already companies such as LIME, Kia Motors, Headline Entertainment, Television Jamaica and the promoters of To Mom With Love are expressing interest.

As part of The Gleaner's work with Television Jamaica, the company will be showcasing a one-hour programme on May 12, between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. The show will include video footage of the special cases and any assistance received.

Along with that footage, there will be clips showing popular figures spending time with their mothers, and speaking of the influence those parents have had on their lives.

There will also be tributes and performances from some of Jamaica's top talents, including Romain Virgo, I-Octane, Omi, Richie Stephens, Ikaya, Dean Frazer, Assassin, Jimmy Cozier and gospel star Carlene Davis.

After agreeing to help in whatever way he could, Laing visited Reid, along with DownSound CEO, Joseph Bogdonovich, who was also moved to help.

It did not take convincing before are Bruce Bicknell of Tank-Weld also committed to be part of the solution.

Reid is 84 years old and does not have a living relative to help take care of her.

"When it rains, it's almost as if she is living outside," Laing pointed out.

Despite tough conditions, or maybe because of them, Reid is as sharp as a tack and still has all her faculties running as if she were 30 years younger.

"She remembers everybody and everything. It was such a joyful experience talking to her," Laing said of the Waterhouse resident.

Not only will Reid benefit from the renovation of her house, she will also be going to To Mom With Love.

The Show

"Miss Reid will be treated like a queen on Mother's Day. She will be part of our VVIP group and will have us waiting on her hand and foot," said Laing

The show, according to Laing, will see the LIME Golf Academy transformed on Mother's Day, with a red carpet entrance and a decor that will leave an impression.

"It is costing a pretty penny to put this on but I don't believe in doing things a part of the way," he explained.

The groups that will be on show are stars in every sense of the word.

The Manhattans have come to Jamaica many times and are well known for giving stirring, classy performances.

"They are Jamaicans when you think about it," said Laing.

Rose Royce is not a name many would be familiar with, however, their music is a different thing.

Songs like Car Wash, I Wanna Get Next To You, I'm Going Down, and Love Don't Live Here Anymore are well known.

The show is expected to be the standout event on Mother's Day, but even if it isn't financially successful, expect it next year.

"We are involved in this for the long haul. Whatever happens this year, expect next year to be even better," explained Laing.

Laing's company, Supreme Promotions, officially launched its foundation arm recently, and at the launch of To Mom With Love last week, the Victoria Jubilee Hospital received a cheque valued at $200,000, while the Winward Road Primary and Junior High was given a shot in the arm with $100,000.

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VVIP $10,000

VIP $5,000

$2,000 presold

$2,500 at the gate.

Michi's Supercentre, Derrick Harriott's One Stop Records, Bourne's Texaco (Constant Spring Road), World Tron (Half-Way Tree), Portmore Mall, Independence City Pharmacy and Chin Yee's Travel Service.

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