Sat | Apr 21, 2018

Regional bloc has done nothing for us

Published:Tuesday | May 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Just read the Sunday Gleaner column 'Kick CARICOM to the kerb' (May 5, 2013) by Ronald Mason, and I concur 1,000 per cent.

What has CARICOM done for Jamaica and Jamaicans? Absolutely nothing!

Trinidadians and Bajans do not like us, so why, I keep asking myself, are we trying to make them like us? It will never happen.

Trinidad uses Jamaica as a dumping ground for its inferior goods and services and for the duty-free concessions that this farce called CARICOM affords it, but let us try to get our goods to its shores and see what happens. Let us make deals with them and watch them not honour them. Anybody recall the patty situation? The agreement for liquefied natural gas? And now Air Jamaica and our Jamaican pilots?

The Bajans simply do not like us. So why is it that we keep venturing to their shores. Let us not forget the Shanique Myrie case that's before the courts now. I doubt we'll see any measure of justice from that.

We need to make a clean break from CARICOM and go it alone. We certainly can't do any worse than we are right now.