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FACEBOOK - Do you support the proposal of an enquiry into the May 2010 Tivoli security operation?

Published:Friday | May 10, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Yes. We do, but it should be carried out by people of integrity, unencumbered by political/financial ambitions and or motives. After all, more than 70 people's deaths cannot go unaccounted for without some explanation.

- Judy Robertson

Yep. Just hope it doesn't turn into a soap opera/daytime drama and political football!

- Arlene Kelly

Use the money for the enquiry and give people dem who suffer losses instead of filling the pockets of those who have too much already.

- Rosemarie Campbell

The millions the politicians are going to spend and earn, give it to the people of Tivoli for their losses because we all know not one police or soldier will be found guilty,

- Melbourne Avenue

The time and money they are going to pay for another soap opera, they should use it to help the elderly who are living in dumps. Give a little to the children's homes and the young people. They need it more.

- Nadia Davis

I think that another enquiry will only open old wounds and cause some unrest in the area, which could spread.

- Carlton Vanwhervin

Unless it is going to be for free. Are we going to use the IMF money to pay millions and wait another three years for a report. Waste of time and money.

- Shanna Ivey

No! Waste of time, money and resources! And, it will degenerate into a full-blown political circus! A theatre of the absurd! Rememba sey wi hab schools wid pit latrine! Get real, Jamaica! Stop waste resources!

- Esteban Agosto Reid

We lack financial resources to carry out the day-to-day activities of the country, and we resorted to the IMF. Where will the money come from to finance such a venture? Give the people of Tivoli Gardens the money to restore normality to their lives. ... Nothing will come out of this commission of enquiry than another 'Star Boy'.

We need to move towards transparency and accountability, but an investigation of this nature could further diminish our national funds.

- Hayes Pyc

Leave the people. They have been through a lot. Let them slowly put their lives back together.

- Maureen Miles