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Pregnancy, childbirth and book marketing

Published:Sunday | May 12, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Corine La Font, Contributor

The idea has been planted and conceived in your mind, you are excited at the thought that this can be real and actually happening to you.

You start being conscious of everything around you and what you need to start preparing. You start doing research, you speak to people who have done it before and learnt from what they went through and experienced.

You take mental as well as written notes. You also started buying books on the topic so you can broaden your perspective and better prepare yourself for what is to come. You seem to find yourself unconsciously joining groups or attracting others going through the same journey.

As the days and weeks go by, you start getting emotionally attached as you feed, nurture and grow the thoughts inside you. You will have mood swings and days when you don't feel too good, even days you just want to do nothing.


You go with the flow and after a while, you get back on track realising the importance of what you have in front of you. You are beginning to think responsibly and accountable for your actions and your goals become very clear. It's no longer all about you. You must do this for someone else is depending on you to share this with the world.

Months go by and you see the end drawing near. You start to get anxious and scared. You start questioning yourself "Can I do this?", "How will I be perceived?", "Am I ready for the changes it will bring?", "What will be expected of me after this?"

But you remember that all the research and people you spoke to helped you prepare for all this and you know going forward that if they did it, you can too. So you move with confidence and drive.

The time comes and you are ready to give birth to this beautiful idea, unique in its own right and which will have its say in the world.

You push hard and follow the instructions - those with you and those who taught you well on your journey.

The reality is here. No longer is it an idea or thought, it is real. It can be shared with everyone but you start feeling overwhelmed and all those books that you bought and what others told you does not stand up to the day-to-day challenges you have to face.

Somehow, everything just went through the window and you feel alone and so you start dropping the ball. Those questions that haunted you in the months prior to childbirth rear their ugly head again and you start questioning your ability and confidence and somewhere in all this, the drive and motivation you once had begin to wane.

If you have read up to this point, you may be getting the drift that pregnancy, childbirth and book marketing have lots in common.

Most authors consider their books their baby and so it should be, but why is it that after giving birth to that baby that they fall short of what they are supposed to do? After giving birth, do you just say to the newborn, "Well, you're on your own; go fend for yourself?"

No, you can't or you shouldn't. If you took the time and care to bring your book into this world, feed, nurture and love; then the next phase of the journey now begins to make sure it can make the contribution you had in mind, stand up to the competition and make an impact.

Most authors lose the drive and motivation after all the initial work and wonder why their books aren't doing well. Just like with children, if you don't parent, they tend to fall to the wayside.

So can you see the relationship among these three significant phases? I hope so. So when writing your next book or when looking at your current books, think of them as your babies again and ask yourself this question: Have I been a good parent?

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