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LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't push gay men into closet marriages

Published:Tuesday | May 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM


It's time for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people to begin living authentic lives so that they will not feel the need to use innocent, trusting, caring individuals to hide their true sexual orientation.

There would be fewer mental-health and emotional problems among our Caribbean women if gay and bisexual men didn't feel the need to hide behind good women to pretend that they are straight while in secret they live deceptive, dangerous lifestyles.

Being treated like criminals because they are gay encourages gay men to hide their sexual orientation within marriages and relationships to unsuspecting straight women who end up suffering emotionally and psychologically.

Fornicators,adulterersand prostitutes practise other sexual 'sins' but live openly so people know what they represent. Why can't gays be allowed to be themselves so our women and some of our men won't be victimised by deception and lies?

We know what the Bible says about gay orientation and I believe and accept it because God's word never changes. But we were not asked to judge. We are supposed to love the sinner and let God judge the sin.

Criminalising gay orientation places too many of our women and young girls in situations where they become the 'cover' story for too many scared, selfish, deceptive, gay, bisexual and transgender men.

Let us show that we care about the women and some men who have unknowingly married or are shacking up with LGBT individuals disguised as straight men and women because of fear of imprisonment or just fear of how society treats gays in general.

Our organisation, South Florida Connects, Inc, will help anyone who wants to start a support group for the many straight spouses in Jamaica.


Straight Spouse Peer Support Specialist