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Dollars needed to fund 'Notes' - New Local Space turns to Kickstarter for proposed residency

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Performance artist Wilmer Wilson IV in action at CONNERSMITH Gallery in Washington, DC, USA, recently. - Contributed

Technology and the cyber-landscape have created opportunities to expand on what it means to be resourceful.

Once, when artists wanted to raise funds for a project, they would have to go hunting for investors, who would then seek to profit from the venture. Now, however, creators all over the world - including Jamaica - are bypassing traditional avenues and using a fundraising platform called Kickstarter to bring their dreams to life.

New Local Space (NLS) is an artist-run visual art initiative in Kingston that is hoping Kickstarter will come through for its cause. NLS was founded out of the need for spaces in Jamaica that support artists working in new and inspiring ways. The initiative seeks to connect these artists with local audiences and the international art world.

Launched in 2009, Kickstarter gives people like Deborah Anzinger, the creative mind behind NLS, access to a virtually unlimited resource of potential backers - anybody with access to the Internet.

Art residency programme

NLS is looking for a total pledge of US$2,750 to help fund its art residency programme. The organisation is hoping to have American artist Wilmer Wilson IV spend three months in Jamaica, working on his project titled Notes.

According to Anzinger, Wilson's work will function as a cultural archive, as the artist will use discarded paper ephemera (such as party fliers and lottery tickets) to make sculptures.

A pledge of US$1,420 from 37 backers has already been realised. However, Kickstarter's all-or-nothing approach means that if NLS does not raise at least US$2,750 by May 28, then the project will not be funded.

So far there are only four projects out of Jamaica on Kickstarter. Two have already been successfully funded.