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CFW is on its way!

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Pulse founder Kingsley Cooper with Pepsi's Carla Hollingsworth (left), and designer Arlene Martin at the 2013 launch of CFW @ Puls8.
Michael Freestyle Thompson graces our lens with the endearing and always fabulous Professor Carolyn Cooper who came out to show support to her brother, Kingsley Cooper, at the launch of Caribbean Fashionweek 2013.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Gleaner Writer

Dears, it is very clear that there are those who pay lip service to the concept of nation building, but go out of their way to stymie every and any effort to help the process along.

So, sadly, instead of all hands being on deck to right the wheel of State, there are those who literally stand around or sit on their hands, and only get off them to applaud vigorously when things go wrong, as sometimes they will.

These people make up Jamaica's largest industry - the hardcore negative blowhards who have made what was formerly a cottage industry a national preoccupation, with international consequences.

Sadly, there are those whose hearts are laced with larceny and motivated by greed and malice. So when good men and women prevail, then they conversely fail. In this respect, it must be clearly understood that there are those among us who do not see the national good and/or development as in their best interest. And so they, while paying lip service to national development, actually work behind the scenes to achieve the contrary!

Investing in Jamaica

Still present are those who have invested their time, energy, financial and social resources in destination and brand Jamaica, especially when it comes to promoting Jamaica and Jamaicans on the international stage.

One such individual is Kingsley Cooper, who decided to use his savvy, and love of the fashion and beauty industry, as his vehicle. And in the process, created a fashion and entertainment industry that is the envy of the region and the toast of the established fashion and entertainment centres across the globe!

Today, the Kingsley Cooper-led Pulse is known and celebrated internationally for its discovery of some of the world's leading models as well as for its entertainment-driven packages. So when Pulse speaks, the world of fashion and entertainment, sits up and takes notice.

Well, my dears, Pulse is speaking about Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) 2013. This pre-eminent regional showcase of fashion and talent is slated for June 6 through to 10, and promises to highlight the very best in Jamaican and regional fashion and modelling talent.

With Pulse's track record of unearthing fabulous designing talent and modelling sensations at the fab Caribbean Fashionweek, y'all know we are talking more than just social profiling here!

Luvs, one of the beautiful things about CFW is that Kingston, Jamaica will be the centre of the fashion world as models and designers grow and shine during and after. Well, my dears, the Pulse team recently rolled out CFW at their very ritzy Puls8 fashion-and-entertainment complex on Trafalgar Road.

All set

Well, my dears, CFW 2013 is all set to get into overdrive, with an opening-night reception and revelry at Kingston's leading Spanish Court Hotel. Think fab, think fun, think benefits that remit to the enhancement of brand Jamaica. Y'all know this is indeed one sure-fire fab event! It will only get better. When the director announces: 'Lights, cameras, and models - those leggy missies and buffed godlings - take to the runway strutting their designer-clad bods, showcasing the designs of the likes of: Sandra Kennedy, Barry Moncrieffe, Cedella Marley, Claudia Pegus, Meiling, Pauline Bellamy, the fabulous Jessica Ogden, coming out of London, as well as Nana Boateng, Kelly Jade Nichols and the Vogue-acclaimed Gavin Douglas - just a sampling of the more than 100 designers expected to show at CFW, and you know we are talking a summer sizzler here!

So, my dears, let the summer fashion extravaganza, that is CFW, begin!

Potos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer