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Men of Style: A new breed of fashion bloggers

Published:Monday | May 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Charles Hamilton
Jessal Kimberly
Lorenzo Atkinson
Devaughn Joyner

Garfene Grandison, Assistant Lifestyle Coordinator

Gone are the days when blogging was considered a child sport or for little girls to write about their emotions. The art of blogging has taken on an entirly new meaning.

Blogging, today, is very popular and this may come as a surprise to many, but men blog too and about fashion. Not every fashion blogger is a tween with an unhealthy obsession with Seventeen magazine.

In the same way some men view sports or cars, there are men who look at fashion with passion and reverence. Manchester United and Arsenal are for some, while others prefer Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. There are bloggers out there that are writing for a post-metrosexual world. In other words, they are bringing the guy approach to what was deemed as a traditionally effeminate task.

The times are changing. Many of these bloggers are older men who have embraced the digital age to spread their decades of self-taught research. But oftentimes, many of them are fashion newbies - a new generation of everyday retail hustlers who speak for a new generation of style - conscious men. Today, the Flair magazine caught up with three male bloggers that are shaking up the fashion world, who were willing to share their styles and the stories that they tell each day through their attire.

Gentleman, take note: Add these must-reads to your roster of style references and for those who may or may not admit that they could use a little assistance, just don't be surprised if the ladies want to bookmark them, too. After all, everyone loves a well-dressed man.

Lorenzo Atkinson, intern in BCBG PR office

Style inspiration

Inspired by anything I see. That 's where I get colour inspiration or different style ideas. I also get inspired runway looks.

Favourite label

I love anything Alexander Wang. He's very minimalistic. A new favourite for me is Katie Early, it's pretty perfect.

How does one find style or becomes stylish?

If you want to be stylish you have to step out of the box. Play with different layers, colours and fits. When in doubt ask a woman, that's who we're trying to impress.

Why do you think it's important for men to develop a signature style?

It's important to have a signature style because your style and clothes represent who you are. 

Devaughn Joyner, IT manager. IT guys don't exactly dress the way that I do.

Style Inspiration

I draw inspiration from advertisements, prints, art, paintings, make-up artists, sceneries ... basically anything that moves me to express myself tastefully through my presentations.

I'm really inspired by female styles and even a little envious of them because their styles are so versatile!

Favourite label

I really love anything of quality that is on sale. What I have in my closet and drawers are TM Lewin, The Tie Bar, Banana Republic and Aldo.

How does one find style or become stylish?

Get to know yourself, and learn what works for you. Then, have fun with it by exploring other options or adding other items to your presentation. Most important to me are the details and subtleties, added to that maintenance and grooming. As a man, it is important to develop a signature style because it defines who we are and identifies how we are, especially our personality. It also provides a preface as to how we feel about ourselves. 

Charles Hamilton (CJ), a fourth-year bachelor of commerce university student

Style inspiration?

I don't really have a particular magazine, designer, or celebrity that I follow for style inspiration. I'd say it's more things that happen to catch my eye. It could be an ad, people I see on the street, or even Instagram. There are lots of men there with some serious style.

Favourite label.

My favourite brand would be Banana Republic. They strike the right balance of classic yet modern clothing. I'm not by any means a brand-only type of guy as I often go thrifting. Crazy what people throw away sometimes.

Where does one find style or become stylish?

For the man just starting to get into style, I'd say finding your right fit is absolutely essential. Next would be investing in pillar pieces that you can build a wardrobe around. Start small and work your way up.

Why do you think it's important for men to develop a signature style?

Finding your own unique style is important for every man, as I'm a big believer in if you look great, you'll feel great, and do awesome. 

Jessal Kimberly, stylist and restaurant manager

Style inspiration?

I think I had always been into fashion and style and from a young age I read a lot of magazines, blogs, watched TV, but I can find inspiration from anywhere.

Favourite label?

Ovadia & Sons, Thom Browne, H&M, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Zara.

How does one find style or become stylish?

I don't think someone just becomes stylish; it's about finding your style and growing into it - although I do recommend that the ordinary man become more open-minded with his fashion.

Why do you think it's important for men to develop a signature style?

I think every guy out there needs their fashion identity. It's the first thing people look at when they meet you. Always make a good first impression and when you find that identity, stick with it and you should be more fashionable than before.


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