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Another first for

Published:Monday | May 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM - The Gleaner's website for facts and figures about Jamaica - has launched an informative section dedicated to monitoring the implementation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement.

This 'IMF Special Report' - available at - is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica's relationship and interaction with the International Monetary Fund. Fueled by research,'s daily monitoring of the IMF deadlines and GOJ deliverables provides up to date news, data, timelines and resources.

The 'Home' page features categories of reform with an "activity stream" that provides categorised blog posts about reform imperatives - such as waivers, tax reform, sectors, macro-economic variables and more. In these blog posts, the team at breaks down the expectations of the IMF and Jamaica's progress using text and charts. The website also features a 'Calendar' tab filled in with the GOJ deadlines, expected payments and disbursements - as outlined in the IMF agreement, and on the IMF website - as well as a 'Deadlines' tab with a table to sort the deadlines by keyword, category and date. The 'Targets' tab provides a handy reminder of the quantitative monetary and fiscal targets expected to be reached by the Government.


To help the public and stakeholders stay current with the latest, also features a 'News' tab with the latest news about the IMF as published on

Managing director of The Gleaner Company, Christopher Barnes, explained "With this dedicated website, Jamaica will be able to - for the first time - have a resource for the public to track the implementation of the IMF agreement. By leveraging technology, we are hopeful that we will help to increase the public's understanding of the agreement, implications and expectations while encouraging a national dialogue."

The IMF Special Report at - is a first of its kind innovation. The public is encouraged to provide feedback and make requests.