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Elegance meets fine food

Published:Thursday | May 30, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Mango thyme cheese-cake.
The Casanova team (from left): Cecil DaCosta, Marvin Marsh, Senior Sous Chef Dwight Morris, Rolando Bambury and Omar Stewart.
Spinach and roasted artichoke. - Carl Gilchrist Photo
Shrimp and salmon kebab.
Rare seared jerk beef carpaccio.
Dijon pimento grilled beef tenderloin.
Chocolate cookies, perfect for two. - Photos by Carl Gilchrist

It is open for dinner and offers elegant dining in a comfortable atmosphere and a menu worth travelling miles to savour.

Lately, the Casanova Restaurant at Couples Sans Souci has been catering to an increasing number of Jamaicans who are looking for the best in food and ambience.

"Casanova is a Caribbean fusion restaurant which caters not only to guests that come here at Sans Souci, but to guests from outside who may wish to come here and eat," explained senior sous chef Dwight Morris.

"What we have done with the menu is to include a lot of local ingredients to create international dishes to really bring out the best in us as chefs and showcase our talent," he adds.

Casanova is just one of several restaurants at Sans Souci which, under the guidance of head chef Maurice Lewis, provides delectable meals daily.

Located just within the lobby area at the hotel, you can indulge in almost any cuisine you desire at Casanova.

"On the menu, we have ackee and vegetable fritters which is traditionally Jamaican, but we add a little flavour in terms of the rundown sauce that we have. We add Italian crème de menthe just to spice it up a bit. If you want something from Italy, we have our lamb which we crust with Jamaican roasted plantain. It's just a mixture of every culture, every nation, that's what we have on this one menu."

Morris is assisted by a great support team made up of Cecil DaCosta, Rolando Bambury, Omar Stewart and Marvin Marsh.

"They are the guys who put it out there every day to ensure that whatever is on the menu is done to perfection. I'm just the guy who supervises them and comes up with these ideas; those are the guys who should be credited with the wonderful work that we do here," Morris said.

Reservations can be made to dine at 6:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. dinner. Or a night pass could get you there.

By the way, Trevor Butler on piano is a superb accompaniment to dinner.

Senior Sous Chef Dwight Morris' recommendation for your first visit:

Appetiser: "I would definitely recommend the shrimp and salmon kebab on (lime) risotto; it is perfecto, excellent!"

Soup: "We have two classic soups, tomato and crab soup, spinach and artichoke; both soups are excellent."

Entrée: "For me personally, I love the lamb but I would say 'try anything' - from the catch of the day, we use a different fish each and every day, we have salmon, snapper, sea bass, trout. Explore, try whatever is there.

Dessert: Try everything!