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Met stirs passions

Published:Friday | June 14, 2013 | 6:00 AM

Met Encore offers potential viewers another chance to see popular operas on Sundays between June 23 and August 11. Tickets are now on sale for the seventh season of the Met Encore Series at Palace Cineplex, Palace Multiplex and Odeon Cineplex.

A number of persons have enjoyed their opera experience.

"I have always wanted to go to the Met, but couldn't afford to. So having the opportunity to view live transmissions on screen from the Met is something I would not have dreamed of. I've seen some wonderful stories and heard wonderful singing and I appreciated the scene changes. It was out of this world and such a relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never seen an opera or who has never had the opportunity to go to one of these large opera houses. You are really transported to the Met and you share in the excitement of the patrons on location at the Met. It is really very exciting and I've enjoyed every performance I've been to. It was out of this world for me, and I will go again."

Dr Verna Reid (radiologist)

"I go to the opera because I like the classics, music and dance, and opera embodies all of that. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Yvonne Reid (office manager)

"Going to the opera is a delightful experience and I commend Palace Amusement for their initiative in bringing the Met On Screen to Jamaica. I am pleased with the fact that I now have the option to see an opera on trips back home. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the art form and I highly recommend it."

Dr Sandra Lawrence (consultant rheuma-tologist, Florida)


"It was introduced to me as a child. It was one of my father's favourite art forms and I rather liked the fact that they were mostly themed around love stories. I liked the music and the way the emotions were expressed in soaring high notes. I think it is something we should all experience; one should not lock oneself into only modern-day expressions of music. Opera is a cultural art form and certainly expands one's exposure to the world."

June Jackson (former senior lecturer, mathematics, Namibia)


Prof Winston Davidson, UTech

Keiran King (playwright)