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Fare hike will make taxis safer - Foster

Published:Friday | June 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM

DONALD FOSTER, managing director at the Transport Authority, has said the request for a 40 per cent fare increase by the Route Taxi Association of Jamaica (RTAJ) is one step further towards ensuring a more safe and reliable transportation system for allcommuters.

"We are aware that our transport operators have invested millions of dollars in the business oftransportation, and that owing to the extent that they provide a quality business, they deserve a return on their investment," Foster said.

He added: "The Ministry of Housing, Water, Transport and Works has not said how much or when, but because of the fact that the last increase was in January 2010, there is recognition that the time is right to consider another fare increase for the system."

Sophia Campbell, president of RTAJ, reiterated that the publicpassenger transportation industry is in serious trouble.

maintenance issues

"At this point, our operators are finding it more and more difficult to maintain their vehicles and to keep afloat of what is happening in our economy," she said.

"We are finding it more and more difficult or almost impossible to carry out major repairs on our vehicles such as changing engine and transmission. As such, we have requested a 40 per cent increase from the Government," Campbell added.

She also noted that the sector has absorbed a lot of the related expenses, resulting in them having to become more resourceful.