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Buggery, bigotry and buffoonery

Published:Sunday | June 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM
A man embraces another at a nightclub where Jamaican police detained dozens of men suspected of involvement in the lottery scam. Jamaican society shuns open acts of intimacy among the gay community. - File

Gordon Robinson, Contributor

Bigotry is as bigotry does.It's usually dressed up in many disguises, usually religious, but bigotry always exposes itself by the lengths to which it'll go to fashion fallacious arguments to create an illusion of truth protecting its unreasonable beliefs from plain sight.

The worst form of bigotry is the self-righteous kind where the Bible is blamed for man's inhumanity to man. "Is not me say so," preaches Pastor doing his best Shaggy impression, "It's in the Bible!"

As one bogus excuse for entrenching bigotry as national policy is debunked, another is trotted out. Humans, looking as earnest as chemistry professors in nightclubs while feigning sincere attempts to grasp non-existent complexities as they explain why other humans shouldn't be treated equally, never tire of producing nonsensical arguments in support of their fatally flawed hypothesis.

Because, make no mistake about it, any hypothesis that a baby born who, when grown, is attracted differently from another baby born and grown on the same planet is somehow inherently evil (or requires 'cure') is a fallacious hypothesis.

What follows from this simple premise is that any argument put forward by those seeking to perpetuate such a bigoted view is easily exposed as nonsense. It matters not the form bigotry might, from time to time, take, whether segregation, apartheid, religious intolerance, racism, slavery, or homophobia. Bigotry is as bigotry does.

Sometimes, persons trying to expose the fallacy in a shiny new argument become entangled in the need to be politically correct or maybe is himself/herself conflicted, hence trying to argue from textbook theory instead of inalienable truth. The inalienable truth, which is self-evident, is that all humans are created equal. However, no two persons have the same DNA. All of us have always been, and will always be, Differently Natural Animals, yet we're all equal in the sight of God.

These things don't confuse children. In their innocence, children play with any other child. It's only when a supervising adult says, "Don't play with that little boy. He likes to put on girl's clothes. He's queer" that the child, conditioned to obey, shies away.

Q: What is segregation?

Little Girl: I don't know what seggeration is.

Q: What is bigotry?

Little Girl: I don't know what bigory is.

Q: What does hatred mean?

Little Girl: I don't know what that is.

Q: What is prejudice?

Little Girl: Umm, I think it's when somebody's sick.

Recently, I've noted the religious righteous have launched a new offensive against homosexuals. It's as if an executive council of the forces of bigotry held emergency meetings after receiving cell phone calls from today's Paul Revere, "The homos are coming! The homos are coming!" - from which fresh arguments were fashioned to defeat annoying activists expecting gays to be treated as humans (OMG!). Then foot soldiers are deployed to spread the word.

Previously, the favourite argument of lobbyists for bigotry as government policy was, "Where will it end? If 'unnatural' sex acts are to be tolerated, man should be able to have sex with his dog. Or cat. Or donkey. Where do we draw the line?" This is, of course, crude fearmongering disguised as argument.

What exactly is 'natural'?

Buzzwords like 'unnatural' deliberately conjure up disgusting mind pictures designed to regurgitate your lunch. Especially in an undereducated nation, this word will scare plenty people. But, first, what exactly is 'natural'? What's natural for the goose can be awkward for the gander. My dictionary defines 'natural' as 'existing in nature; not made or caused by humans', which, if I took ye Olde Testament literally, makes ALL sex unnatural.

Bigotry needs fear to feed its irrationality, hence the inclusion of fearsome buzzwords and the persistent use of inappropriate analogies rather than addressing the actual situation bigotry wants to condemn.

Logic's reply excludes all emotive words. It's that the world needs more, love not less. Anything done between consenting adults in the name of love is between them and their God and none of the State's business. It's all about consent. So, the reason why the State justifiably steps in when a man is caught raping a donkey is because the poor donkey can't consent. Like all bad analogies, bigotry's use of the donkey parable is irrelevant to the real issue.

That argument having flopped, the forces of bigotry have regrouped; a new argument has been developed; and is being broadcast islandwide. It begins on cue, "Where will it end?" Bigotry continues, "If anything between consenting adults is okay, what if a father and his adult daughter have consensual sex? What about that?"

This inane argument has been the subject of an insidious campaign of brainwashing by immersion from all angles, including by educated panellists on a popular TV show. That show's token liberal fumbled the ball while she stammered her way to an equally silly response about ill-advised genetics. Genetics, schmenetics! Don't let bigotry's smoke and mirrors confuse you. It's all about consent.

Consensual sex between a father and his adult daughter is an oxymoron of cataclysmic proportions. Both in law and common sense, 'consent' can't be present if it's the result of undue influence. A parent has complete and authoritative influence over his children from birth, and each child places total trust in that parent's guidance. Sex with one's daughter is inherently sex obtained by an abuse of that trust (undue influence) and so can't be consensual, properly so called, regardless of the daughter's current age.

As bastions of prejudice are crumbling worldwide, it seems local bigotry's desperation has pushed it to the use of whatever argument necessary, no matter how patently flawed, to ensure only one
type of love is tolerated in Jamaica. Woe betide your love should it not
conform to Bigotry's notion of 'natural' love.

matters not how skilled or qualified you are. It matters not how caring
and loving an individual you are. If you dare to love a member of your
own gender, you must be shunned, hated, and punished. Every possible
obstacle must find itself in your ambitions' path, your hopes, your
dreams, your love, even your very life. To bigotry, there's nothing
quite as satisfying as passing judgement on a fellow life traveller less
righteous than him/her.

Lord, we don't need
another mountain,

There are
mountains and hillsides enough to

There are oceans and rivers
enough to cross

Enough to last
until the end of time.

this time of national crisis, our economy is being squeezed to death,
our children are undereducated, our health services are chaotic, bus
fare hikes are about to cripple the poor, yet the number one issue
churches can find to throw their coordinated strength against is the
perpetuation of hatred against gays. Right now, as Peter Phillips
correctly said, we need all hands on deck. That's ALL hands, whether
left- or right-handed, gay or

What the world
needs now is love, sweet love.

the only thing that there's just too little

What the world needs now is
love, sweet love.

No, not just for
some but for

Instead of
calling for unity against economic crisis; or unity against the violent,
frightening crime, Jamaica's chauffeur to the most wanted, Reverend Al,
has a more important national focus. He

"We declare that we'll mobilise and
resist any attempt to tamper with the Constitution as it relates to
buggery. Our present Charter of Rights sufficiently covers and protects
the rights of all citizens."

Al, the
Constitution doesn't 'relate' to buggery. Your Lawyers' Christian
Fellowship made sure of that. Talk about fleeing when nobody pursueth!
He removed all pretence at political neutrality when, in his most
arrogant tone, he said:

"We will not support
any politician or political party that seeks to promote and foist on our
nation, in any shape or form, the gay-rights agenda, which is alien to
our culture as a people."


Rev Al Unplugged produces a partisan political
threat to destroy any government who even debates treating gays as equal
under the law. Al believes the "gay-rights agenda" is "foreign" to our
culture. Al, why're you so afraid? Since gays have proliferated in
Jamaica since forever (including in the Church), and since Jamaican gays
most definitely want 'gay rights' (all they really want is human
rights), here's the bad news, Al. Gay rights is about as foreign to
Jamaica as priests inappropriately fondling young boys or pastors
knocking up church sisters. Al saved the best for

"We respect the right of privacy and
freedom of personal choices. We believe and demand that Government and
the courts bear in mind and uphold the Constitution of our nation and
the will of the majority of our

Why does Al DEMAND the courts
uphold the Constitution? Is he saying they've been derelict in that
duty? Maybe he believes that's why the courts convicted him of a
gun-related offence. His stated respect for privacy, coming immediately
after his lurid threat to withdraw "support" from any government
considering allowing gays their privacy, rings as hollow as a Loretta

What is

I don't know what seggeration

What is bigotry?

I don't know what bigory

What does hatred

I don't know what that

What is prejudice?

Umm, I think it's when somebody's

song-writing duo, Hal David (lyrics) and Burt Bacharach (music), wrote
'What The World Needs Now is Love' in 1965. Dionne Warwick turned it
down (although she subsequently covered it in 1966), so it was first
recorded by Jackie DeShannon. In 1971, in the aftermath of America's
notorious political assassinations, disc jockey Tom Clay created a
superb remix which pulled together elements of the Bacharach/David song
and 1968's Abraham Martin and John (written by Dick Holler and first
recorded by rock 'n' roll star Dion).

The musical
collage featured a question-and-answer session with a little girl for
whom these concepts of hate were truly foreign. Tom Clay's remix became a
smash hit. Readers could revisit it in these times when purveyors of
hatred threaten to tear us apart and destroy any hope of a successful
Jamaican vision.

Peace and love.

Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law. Email feedback to