Thu | Aug 13, 2020

Gays born, not made, Mr Espeut

Published:Monday | June 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I am now convinced that columnist Peter Espeut has fallen off the wagon and bumped his head. This fixation on the affairs of gay men has revealed his prejudices.

His most recent painful attempt to rationalise his prejudices came under the unfortunate headline 'Gays made, not born' (Gleaner, June 14, 2013).

Implicit is the idea that gays are manufactured by some sinister production process and thus have no entitlement to their identities. By his logic, it would then follow that since they are not born, as regular humans are, they have no claim to any human rights since they are a malady, an abomination.

This might shock Espeut, but gay people are, in fact, MADE by God and BORN into families such as his and everyone else's. The difficulty for Espeut and others of his ilk is that their concept of God is a reflection of a value system which they were not born with, but which was made through a process of indoctrination.