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Moo Young shares 'The Art of Photography'

Published:Sunday | June 30, 2013 | 12:00 AM
St Mary by Moo Young
Moo Young

Robyn Miller, Arts & Education Writer

Photography is one of the fastest growing hobbies/careers around today and, more and more, people are beginning to appreciate the beauty and value of this art form.

Offering flexibility, it is an excellent choice for the entrepreneurial-minded individual who just wants to be in control of their own work routine. It has the potential to become a solid income-earner and could be the breakthrough many are looking for as they seek to diversify their income streams.

With a solid portfolio, in a career built over 35 years, Howard Moo Young has settled down from his once hectic schedule to share his coveted skills and talents with an intensive course in 'The Art of Photography'.

Set to begin Saturday, July 6, Moo Young, who just completed the first instalment of classes in St Andrew, will once again cover areas such as composition, controlling the camera, creating impact with lighting, choosing the best viewpoint and format, the best use of colour or black-and-white portraiture, photojournalism, and outdoor workshops.

Antiguan Kathie Laurent, who experienced the master photographer's skills first-hand, said she was most impressed with the weekly assignments, although at first questioning them.

"I really liked his exercises and homework because once you started to do it, you started to see things differently - you start to look at something that's ordinary in a different aspect," she said.

Now, when she goes to shoot, "If I see something that looks really nice, I would want to take the shot, but I always hear Mr Moo Young's voice in the back of (my) head, 'Walk around the object, take it from different angles, look up, look down', so that allows you to get more out of the object or whatever you're photographing."

She hopes to "merge" her love for architecture with photography and said she is well on her way to doing so.

Cheryl Lue-Simpson shared similar sentiments. She recently covered her first major assignment, a wedding, using the skills she has been taught.

Moo Young, a multi award-winning photographer who has swept the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's photography competitions over several years - as well as others - is also well known for his calligraphy skills and is the hand behind the 'Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness' pledge.

He has exhibited at every major art show in Jamaica and the Caribbean, including the successful Liguanea Art Festival in April.

Moo Young is consistently called upon to adjudicate in local photography and art competitions, his most recent being the Yellow Pages 'Click the Cover' competition two weeks ago.

The respected photographer is intent on keeping his classes small, and so encourages persons to come prepared to absorb as much as they can over the eight-week course. All, he says, is required is a digital camera, a notebook and a willingness to explore and be creative.

For further information on The Art of Photography course, email or telephone 840-3357.