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Turn off gaydar and rescue the homeless

Published:Tuesday | July 9, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I couldn't agree more with Robert Lalah in his column 'Gay squatter dilemma' (Gleaner, July 8, 2013) in relation to the eviction of homosexual squatters from a home in Millsborough.

What makes this particular situation even more despicable is the fact that everyone, including our media, seems to be up all over this cause célèbre because these homeless young men seem to be homosexuals!

Why are we NOT raising cane because we have homeless, unemployed, unemployable and seemingly hopeless youngsters in our midst?

I guess we'll just have to hire some more security guards, tint our car windows a bit darker, and pretend that all is well in paradise!


Managing Director

Round Hill Hotel and Villas