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Rallying call hits the right note - Jah Bouks' 'Angola' brings success

Published:Sunday | July 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Jah Bouks

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Though he did not walk away as the winner of the Magnum Kings and Queens competition, reggae singer Jah Bouks has already found fame with the release of his single Angola.

Jah Bouks premiered the song during the competition, but with its official release, it has become so popular, it is being hailed as one of the biggest songs of the summer.

"The success of the song mek mi feel more light. I had a load carrying during Magnum Kings and Queens and that load was to get a big break in the industry. Now, mi feel irie. Angola a create a buzz in the streets and I'm thankful for that," Jah Bouks told The Sunday Gleaner.

With an industry saturated by up-and-coming artistes, Jah Bouks said he was not fearful of falling into the 'one-hit wonder' category.

"Mi cyaah tell people which song to love but I have two more songs to release and I know people will like them. We just a gwaan feed the people with the music till dem love it. A positivity mi deal wid. Mi only sing song whe everybody can listen to," he said

Though he has never been to Africa, Jah Bouks said the inspiration for the song came from his ancestors, so he was not surprised by its popularity.

"I'm not surprised, I'm glad. Not everybody in Jamaica will like the song, but the people dem whe have the ancestors inna dem, a dem love the song. Mi feel good. Mi a give thanks fi everybody who show love to Jah Bouks and to the song, Angola."

According to Jah Bouks' management team, talks with European promoters for shows with the artiste were already under way.