By-election dogfight expected - PNP, JLP going for win in Cassia Park

The two major political parties are preparing for a dogfight as they take aim at the Cassia Park division in East Central St Andrew, where a by-election is to be held on August 8.

Walk good, 'Maas Joe' - Former MP Joseph Hibbert laid to rest

He died with a cloud over his head for his alleged role in a bribery scandal which originated in Britain and touched our shores. Joseph Hibbert was never given a chance to clear his name, as he had vowed to do...

Farewell to a matriarch

Dozens of family members, friends, and well-wishers turned out at the Gideon Gospel Chapel in Buff Bay, Portland, yesterday for the homegoing service of Louise Fredricka Buckley, the mother of Byron Buckley, the immediate past president of the Press Association of Jamaica.

Train us better, say psychiatric aides

President of the Psychiatric Nursing Aides Association, Denzil Currie, wants the Ministry of Health to expand in-house training programme it offers to members of his group.

Selvin's first trip - 10-year-old girl with a golden hearts saves to pay struggling classmate's fare

On Thursday, July 4, while Americans around the world celebrated Independence Day, 11-year-old Selvin Allen, a grade-five student of Warsop Primary School in Trelawny, celebrated independence of another kind, with a huge smile and loads of gratitude.

Heartbreak hotel - Jamaican woman takes her ex-lover to court to seek the return of items valued at millions of dollars she sent from America

A whirlwind romance between a Jamaican nurse living in the United States and a St Mary man has crash-landed in the Supreme Court with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit amid a flurry of charges and countercharges.

Give our children a chance - Private-sector leaders urged to provide more sustainable support for education

Following a five-year partnership that has generated rich results for six rural high schools, the leaders of the country's two top mutual societies, Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) and Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) are urging other private sector entities to invest in more sustainable approaches in the education sector.

Land title nightmare - Purchasers unable to get proof of ownership 40 years later

Forty-years after Nancy Hooper and Norma Day bought three lots of lands from the developers of the Delisser Great House Lands in St Andrew they are among 200 owners who have yet to receive titles for their properties.

Farewell, 'Tony Parry'

The local media fraternity last Thursday paid its final respect to veteran broadcaster, Horace Anthony Parry, better known as 'Tony Parry'. A thanksgiving service for the life of Parry was held at Temple of Light Centre For Spiritual Living, along Fairway Avenue in Kingston.

The dwindling Shakers - Champions of women's rights and the end of slavery near extinction

They are sometimes called 'convulsionaries' and many shake uncontrollably when moved by the spirit. They are the Shakers, a controversial post-millennial religious movement that has spanned two centuries.

Abortion battle rages in Texas

Republicans in the Texas Legislature passed an omnibus abortion bill that is one of the most restrictive in the United States, but Democrats vowed yesterday to fight in the courts and at the ballot box as they used the measure to rally their supporters.

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