Sun | Jul 24, 2016

Universities losing prestige

Published:Friday | July 26, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I have spent one year at university so far, and I'm left wondering about the 'intelligent' people who attend these halls of higher learning.

As one advances in age and education, the inclination should be towards the finer things in life. Choices of clothing, music and companions should reflect on a person. But when a person submits, for example, to playing loud, lewd music, audible to all, while walking on campus, is this reflective of advanced thinking?

The clothing - or absence thereof - in some of these classrooms forces one to wonder what actually goes on in the students' minds. Do they think they are at home? And what about the outrageous make-up jobs, nails and hairstyles on persons who are not fully employed?

Maybe I have just not adjusted to the environment. Or perhaps my world view is different from others'. However, it seems that the prestige that once surrounded the university level has diminished.