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Campbell's tweet blown out of proportion

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Dr Dayton Campbell


I am still confused as to why everyone is so furious about the tweet of Member of Parliament Dr Dayton Campbell. The sentiments expressed were insulting to the young lady and should never have been said but let us not make it into anything more than it is. All this gender discussion is rubbish.

The fact that the man does not appreciate one woman's figure does not mean he does not respect women. If we have a problem with judgment and preference of women and their figures then the issue should be taken up with the 'Miss Jamaica Competition' because the entire competition invites us to judge women. The fact that there is a 'best shape' category means that there is a judgement being made.

Let us pause this crucifixion for a moment and think about it, don't we all have preferences? Does the fact that I think a man is unattractive mean that I don't respect men? What if he had said "shi shape good like the Chinese economy"? Would that be sexist? No, the problem we have is that he did NOT appreciate her body, but who says he has to? I am sure there are other women's figures that he enjoys. I just believe he should have been more responsible in his assertion and not seek to insult the lady. However, as a lady myself I don't feel insulted; I sympathise with her, and I, like her, accepts his apology realising that we all make mistakes.

The letter by the member of G2k Ronique Rhoden published in The Gleaner on Thursday, July 25, 2013 is what actually pushed me to write this letter because I am rather tired of politicians and their convenient consciences, double standards and their desperate attempt to use every issue to garner support.

My first question: Wasn't it the G2K that was responsible for the disrespectful ads about the Hon Portia Simpson Miller? What about when Audley Shaw referred to her as a "leggo beast"? Didn't Pearnel Charles say "a Portia pothole"? Listen, don't try to pull wool over people's eyes. Where was your concern then Mrs Gender Affairs? Please play your politics elsewhere. I am yet to hear an apology from these men of your party. Seek to reprimand those with whom you associate first.

Dr Dayton Campbell, please, if you don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all and I am glad you apologised. The gender activist should set up a meeting with the 'Miss Jamaica' coordinators and seek to shut down the competition.

Ronique Rhoden, political activist, please stop pretending to be all bent out of shape because of this comment when you know if he wore a green shirt when saying this you would have turned a blind eye to the offence. Employ your conscience on a full-time basis.