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JPS, tell me, how come?!

Published:Saturday | August 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Kelly Tomblin, CEO of JPS. - File
Anthony E. Smith

THE EDITOR, Sir:I wrote a letter to the Jamaica Public Service Company explaining to them that in my place of business, I changed 53 double-tube fluorescent lamps, each one drawing approximately .8 amps, as they all use a ballast.

Having disconnected the ballast and replacing the two tubes with one LED tube which pulls approximately .2 amps, removed a 36,000 BTU air conditioner, a standing display cooler and opening my business five hours less per week, my light bill reflected a drop in kilowatts used. Great!

Every month since February, the kilowatts used on my bill began to increase. (Notice that I have not said anything about fuel charge.) To date, having done the above, my kilowatt usage is back to where it was before I made the changes.

I received a reply on June 28, 2013 from a lady (name withheld) at the Customer Care Centre, who very nicely took me around the mulberry bush as I am sure she did not read my letter because she advised me that technicians visited my premises on June 28, 2013 (same day as the letter) and found no visible irregularities in servicing my home. Home?

Then she went on to say that comparing my bill from November 2012, they were similar. However, an increase in the fuel rate resulted in a higher cost to my bill. (Again, I never mentioned anything about fuel rate.)

She proceeded at the end of her letter to give me a number to call if I had any further queries. When I called the number and got the switchboard operator and asked for her, I was told that I could not be connected to her.

I then took a shot in the dark and asked to be connected to Ms Kelly Tomblin's office. I am almost sure that I heard a snicker before I was told that I could not be connected there either. (More mulberry bush.)

I left my number and asked if the lady in question could return my call. I have not heard anything since. I never really thought I would.

After hanging up, I wondered if the JPS has a very ineffective switchboard or members of the public are just not allowed to speak with certain persons. Anyway, be that as it may, I am hoping someone with some electrical knowledge will be able to answer me as to why when one tries to conserve on kilowatts used, one's bill continues to increase in kilowatts used every month. (Notice again I have not referred to energy charge.)

I would certainly like to be educated on the above before I take the ultimate decision which will place 13 persons to the already high unemployment list.


Tony Smatt Investments & Construction Co Ltd

May Pen, Clarendon