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Here comes the lawn mower train

Published:Sunday | August 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Students disembark from the 'choo choo train' at Harrison Preparatory School.
Kevin Spence drove his 'choo choo train' with excited students at Harrison Preparatory School.-Photos by Rasbert Turner
The lawnmower engine which powers the train which Kevin Spence has made.
The view of the driver's seat.

Kevin Spence transforms gardening tool into playground ride

Rasbert Turner, Gleaner Writer

The need to make a honest living led Kevin Spence to be the proud maker of a train which is a source of happiness to many - including himself, of course.

Recently, some of those happy persons were on the train, powered by a lawnmower engine, as it went around the play area of Harrison Preparatory School. "It sound sweet, eeh? And it even have the colour of the Jamaican flag. The children ah really enjoy it,'' observed Marvette Tinglin, who was watching the train.

It has been a labour of love and dedication by Spence, a Franklyn Town resident who is a trained auto mechanic. "I saw the little 15-horsepower lawnmower, the one you sit in to operate. I started to fix it and placed a cover over the front part while driving it around. I realised that it was not fast but strong, so I built the first coach," Spence said.

He told Automotives that with the help of others, he built three coaches and placed them on wheels. "Several persons started to encourage me to make it into something that I can make a living from. That is how I started to visit schools and other places to entertain the students and teachers alike," Spence continued.

The former John Mills Primary School student said the train has been earning its keep and he intends to add a metal top to each coach, providing shade for the passengers.