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Jamaicans cook up meal ideas for Grace Kitchens

Published:Sunday | September 1, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Grace Foods chef Mazie Miller (right) speaks with (from left) Kacian Givans, D'Angelo McKenzie and Kayasha Francis just before the trio prepared a sandwich of their choice using Grace products during the Grace Kitchens Cooking Road Show and Back-To-School Fair held yesterday on the Waterfront in downtown Kingston. - Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

Alessandro Boyd, Sunday Gleaner Writer

Beverley Henderson, a parent who resides in the vicinity of downtown Kingston, was in a joyous mood yesterday as she took part in the Grace Kitchens Cooking Road Show and Back-to-School Fair.

Henderson had her eyes fixed on winning a $10,000 back-to-school gift voucher for her children.

The fair was taking place for the first time on the downtown waterfront with hundreds of persons from around the Corporate Area participating.

"This is great for the children because Grace is helping them to know more about eating healthy," Henderson told The Sunday Gleaner.

"It's also helping with the back-to-school aspect and I really want to win that back-to-school voucher."

Chef Mazie Miller, consumer service manager at Grace Foods and Services Company, expounded on the benefits she saw coming out of the fair for both the company and members of the public.

"Members of the public are actually coming to us with economical meals and ideas, ones that you'd never imagine," she told The Sunday Gleaner.

"People were giving us some really creative meal solutions and that's what downtown is known for, people in the inner city are so creative they just know how to turn their hand and feed their families nutritious meals," Miller added.

Tasty meals

The public also had a chance to enjoy nutritious meals as Miller gave a culinary demonstration and hosted a cooking competition.

Carlene Holness, Grace Foods customer services coordinator, also explained that the fair was in keeping with the philosophy of GraceKennedy of giving back to society.

"We wanted children to be prepared for the school year with the necessary supplies at affordable rates and this event provided that kind of opportunity," Holness said.

"We also wanted the children to have a fun-filled day before they start the new school year," she added.