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Technique Lab providing scientific development for athletes

Published:Thursday | September 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM
David Riley

 Marc Stamp, Gleaner Writer

Track and field athletics coach David Riley has opened Technique Lab - Jamaica and the Caribbean's first facility which uses technology to improve performance in sports - at Tangerine Place in St Andrew.

This sports performance and fitness centre is geared to make a significant difference in structuring individualised training programmes for athletes across all sporting platforms.

"Technique Lab exists to change how sports development is done. It's a game-changer, moving away from the realm of speculation to a scientific and measured approach," Riley, who is managing director of Technique Lab, told the gathering at the launch on Tuesday night.

"A ball, when thrown, lands a certain distance not because the thrower didn't desire it to go further, but it lands there because there are factors that determine how far it can go. These factors include the weight of the ball, the angle of release, the force protecting the ball and the resistance or drag forces on the ball as it moves through the air," Riley, who guided Wolmer's Boys' to the Boys' Athletics Champs title, noted.

"These factors cannot be ignored, and if one does not know or appreciate projectile motion and/or the equation for range, then one cannot determine how far the player can really throw that cricket ball. It is in knowing the physics, the biomechanics and the physiology of sports that we are able to conduct the experiment of developing the athletic ability of athletes."

Dr Neil Gardener, a chiropractic expert, endorsed the establishment of the Technique Lab and believes this is the way forward in enhancing sports performance.

"Talent can only take us so far. I am excited about Technique Lab, as technology is where it is at. We need to level the playing field a bit by taking technology to our shores," Gardener said.

"We must realise that we are at a different place in technology. We must embrace it. Technology would increase our number of successful athletes. Technology will determine what we do in the future," said Gardener, a former Jamaica track and field representative.

"Information acquired through technology will help to improve an athlete," he emphasised.