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Jamaican psychic gets top-rating worldwide

Published:Saturday | September 21, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Jamaican psychic, Tsahai, speaks of her abilities.
Jamaican psychic, Tsahai, speaks of her abilities.

Carl Gilchrist • Gleaner Writer


JAMAICAN PSYCHIC, Tsahai, is enjoying five-star rating on one of the world's top psychic sites, The Trelawny-born psychic, who actually started her readings over a decade ago while operating her store, Sankofa Inc, along James Avenue in Ocho Rios, achieved her five-star rating from customers after her first week on the site in June.

"I was rated five-star after my first week on the job," Tsahai told Rural Xpress earlier this week. "It is the people who have actually had a reading done with me. You can't leave a testimonial if you've not had a reading done."

Tsahai is the only Caribbean person on the world-renowned site. When she started out in June, her first aim was to fulfil the probationary time allotment of 2,400 hours before being eligible for promotion to independent contractor. As an independent contractor, she can set her own rate.

But after the first week, during which she did more than 50 readings - which is considered amazing for a beginner, and with customers giving her excellent feedback to her readings, which propelled her to five-star status - she was duly promoted. She now sets her own rate.

"I set my rate at US$1.99 per minute, and I think I'll keep it there for a while," Tsahai said. "My rate is very competitive. On Oranum, we probably have 200 or more people on at any given time. The site is a collection of international psychics. I'm the only person from the Caribbean who is on this site. It is mostly European- and American-based psychics."


Tsahai explained what she does for her clients.

"What I do for them is basically what anybody who is a psychic will do. They will come and they will present an issue to you. I find that 80 per cent of my readings are people enquiring about their love life, mostly people concerned about how their love life will turn out. A close second follows with the money situation."

She continued: "Online, I counsel with my tools on issues from family life, their financial situation, career, their love life, and any issues, really, that are presented to me. As a psychic, I can format my tools to give an answer."

The tools Tsahai uses are the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and the I-Ching, the Japanese system of healing.

But how did Tsahai begin on the journey to becoming a psychic? She shared her story.

"I was born a psychic. You know that by the fact that you're always seeing things before they happen, or you get this very strong inclination about things before they happen.

"That has been ever since I was a child, but normally, it would come in the form of dreams most of the time. And if something should happen in my waking hours, then it's the dividing of the thing.

For example, when I was a child, I was longing to see my father. My parents had separated. I cried for about an entire year that I wanted to go to my father. At the end of the school year, my mother said OK, but on the morning, all of a sudden, I didn't want to go again. I kept telling her, 'No, I don't want to see my daddy anymore. Something bad is going to happen.' Of course, she didn't listen, but when I went there, something really terrible happened.

"So ever since childhood, there are always these inclinations when something is not going to be right for me."

Tsahai said she developed her psychic gift through her training in the spiritual practice of Reiki.

"I became a Reiki initiate in 1999. Before that, it was all about vibing and dreams. When I was at William Knibb (High School), for example, and I say to my schoolmate, 'You know, I dreamt about you last night?' it got to the point where nobody wanted to hear that I had a dream. I was like a Jeremiah because normally, if I say I saw something in a dream, the thing is going to happen. I had no control over it.

"This is something that's normally in my family. We're Maroon descendants, and I think this is a gift in the family, really. My mother would just get up and start singing these negro spirituals, and you just know somebody is going to die. And it came down to the point where the more often you sing the song, the closer to home it will be.

"After my (Reiki) initiation, I started to see things, have a stronger connection to their energy. I remember I was in Montego Bay, I was doing my counselling degree at the time, about a year or so after the Reiki initiation, and I found the more I got involved with people, I would find myself saying things to them which was not any of my business, but it came into my psyche and I had to express it, and those things would be relevant to the person. So it started there."

In 2003, Tsahai opened Sankofa and started her psychic practice. The store has since closed, and for a while she was off the scene. She emerged in June on the Oranum site, along with other psychics from across the world.

"There was a lot that was missing from my life as a person in terms of who I was, finding me, and Reiki was the avenue that awakened this thing in me."

Tsahai is also a certified Reiki master teacher, spiritual counsellor, aesthetician, and body psychotherapist.