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A feast of birds!

Published:Sunday | October 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Getting in the mood for Restaurant Week, Robin Russell, of Robin's Steakhouse, ate bird and partied with Marsha Bullock (left) and Marie Walwyn at Johnny Gourzong's bird feast at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.
Birthday girl Lee-Anne Gourzong (left) and her 'besties' Patsy Yuen (centre), who flew in from Florida, and Eleanor Miller (right), are in a jovial mood at her husband, Johnny Gourzong's bird feast at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.
The Bodden brothers from Grand Cayman weren't going to miss this bird feast in Jamaica. From left, Dion Bodden, Ian 'Juice man' Wong, Robin Russell, Stayce Ingram, and Chris Bodden take a break from the bar for The Gleaner's camera.
Shaniin Morales (front) was caught having a whale of a time with friends from left: Noelle Webster, Jordan Wong, and Rochelle Sukhram at Johnny Gourzong's bird feast, at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.
Fast becoming one of the best bird shooters in the country, young Joshua Clark posed with friend Michaela Middleton at Johnny Gourzong's bird feast at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.
Summerfest Production's Johnny Gourzong cuts the fabulous seven-layered chocolate cake with birthday girl, his wife Lee-Anne, during a bird feast at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.
From left: Nadine Black, Diana Wilson, Tamrah Pryce and Trecia Johnson cosy up for The Gleaner's lens at Johnny Gourzong's bird feast at Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer


Summerfest Productions' Johnny Gourzong and his bird-shooting posse closed off the 2013 season with a feast doubling as a birthday party for his wife Lee-Anne, at the Good Hope Beach in Trelawny on Sunday.

After six weekends in the bushes of St James and Trelawny, it was time to eat barbecued, roasted, stewed and grilled bald plates and white wings, topped with spirits that flowed freely. Again, Ramon Vernon played chef to the tastiest bird meat this side of the world, while Robert Russell's mackerel run dung and curried goat were an added treat. Deer meat, wild boar, grilled lobster tail, crayfish, curried shrimp, fried chicken, roti, and jerked pork complemented a well-thought-out 'bush' menu.

The party started with Sunday morning breakfast, ending only after the peenie wallies came out to dance to the music that was made popular from as early as the 1970s.

It was indeed a day of celebration and the highlight was Lee-Anne Gourzong's birthday. Gourzong, whose husband Johnny says she is just about 21, received a toast that spoke volumes as it relates to a friendship that started when the two were just teenagers.

"We have been running together since we were 12 or 13. We hope to run together for the rest of it. Happy birthday, Lee-Anne, and I hope we see a lot more together," said Gourzong lovingly to his wife.

Gourzong was fĂȘted with a seven-layered scrumptious camouflaged chocolate cake, organised by head cook and bottle washer, Eleanor Miller, and baked by MoBay Chocolate Company's Mahek Chatani.

Gourzong's best friend, Miss Jamaica World 1973, Patsy Yuen, flew in from Florida for the occasion, and the Bodden Brothers, Dion and Chris, left the town in Grand Cayman named after their family to be in Jamaica for the festivities.

The man popularly known as the Juice man, Ian Wong, was out partying; so too were Dr Anthony Vendryes and wife, Dorothy; Fred Smith; Ralph Smith; Paula Arscott; Joy and Maxim Clark; Dale and Pia Delapenha; Junior Madden; Nathan and Jackie Robb; George Thomas; Jackie Chance-Bird; Odette and Godfrey Dyer; John Byles; Franklyn and Sophia Bullock; Robin and Jason Russell; and Dr Michael Banbury.

Photos by Janet Silvera