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10 things you didn't know about Pat Wright

Published:Sunday | October 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM

She's been dubbed a 'style arbiter and connoisseur' by the media and has been at the forefront of the avant-garde trendsetting fashionistas, long before the 'in-crowd' seemingly bought the rights to individual forward-thinking style and decorum. The trouble is, while for many this was fashion, and as such, only adorned and/or trotted out for special occasion, for Pat Wright, this was the norm, as in her own iconoclastic mode, it was Pat Wright who set the trend and who was never the follower.

Having conquered Kingston as an entrepreneur with her own inimitable style and brand, Donna Patricia Wright - known internationally as PJ, but reincarnated as 'Auntie Pat' - has worn the professional hats of cosmetologist; fashion designer, and spa director, as this multifaceted businesswoman founded PJ Beauty Salon in Kingston, and in Montego Bay, before she established Wright Style - a line described as Carib-centric, meaning easy 100 per cent linen - and accepted the challenge of managing the Sunset Group Spas. She is now hailed by many as a motivational force, because of her heroic battle with cancer.

Today, she is considered an unheralded motivational speaker, as she now seeks to inspire others to change their lifestyle and to eat properly, as a proactive measure to prevent cancer in order not to have to fight it later on.

Today, Outlook Magazine shares 10 things previously not known about the pioneering and motivational force of nature, known in parts as Auntie Pat, Pat Wright, or simply PJ!

1. She is the only person in the Western Hemisphere who has survived four different bouts of cancer: two colon, one bone and two malignant breast lumps. She believes just as how you do not go home and die after getting a diabetes or hypertension diagnosis, you should not fear cancer as our will to live begins and ends in our minds.

2. She has had 27 major surgeries. She has had colon cancer return in the same spot as the first, 28 years apart, and her last bout of cancer was a reoccurrence in June of this year, right at the spot of the first breast lump in 2011.

3. She is the second legal adoption in Jamaica.

4. Because of her being an adopted child, she decided to pay it forward and adopted a little boy 18 years ago. He is now 23, married, and a chef living in New York.

5. She lists her favourite food as sashimi.

6. She hates travelling as she does not want to experience new cultures and finds that nowadays travel is more stressful than enjoyable.

7. The moniker 'Auntie Pat' was given to her by young and old employees at Sunset Beach Resort Spa and Waterpark because of her caring attitude and disposition.

8. She has been cutting hair from she was 12 years old and used to carry her scissors in her St Hugh's uniform pocket and had many parents looking for her after she sent their daughters home without their braids.

9. Her salon was one of the largest salons, employing 21 employees in Kingston for 27 years. During that time, she expanded by opening a branch in Montego Bay.

10. She unwinds, enjoys and has fun playing ludo and Kalooki, and entertains by throwing parties which end up turning into ludo tournaments.