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TECH TIMES - Top 4 APPS that can make you a Hero

Published:Monday | October 21, 2013 | 12:00 AM

1 First Aid - the First Aid app from the American Red Cross includes videos, step-by-step instructions on real-life emergency scenarios and interactive quizzes that teach users about first aid and emergency protocols. Visual tutorials with notes on how to deal with various emergencies such as burns, asthma attacks, choking, broken bones, bleeding among others are included and accessible offline. Even though the app is integrated with emergency 9-1-1 so calls can be made from the app once it is dialed from wherever you are located that is, in the United States of America or another country, it should automatically convert/transfer to the emergency services in your area. The app is available for Android and iPhone/Apple devices.

2 How to and DIY Survival Kit - This application comes from wikiHow Incorporated, similarly to the First Aid app this includes tutorials and notes on handling emergency situations at home and on the road, but also for car problems. iPhone users can download the application for free and use it on the go (offline) for car emergencies. Search the issue within the app and do-it-yourself guidelines on how to change your tyre or rectify an overheating engine will load on to the screen in a matter of minutes. Other built-in lessons include landing a plane in an emergency, dealing with animal attacks, rescue procedures and other featured articles on wikiHow.

3 Hurricane - Another application for iPhone and Android phones has been made available by the American Red Cross to the United States of America, US territories and the Caribbean for the purpose of updating individuals on hurricanes. Although it works on a mobile data plan, it provides free updates. However, the Caribbean emergency numbers may not automatically update or will have to be inputted into the mobile phone. Monitor weather changes during the hurricane season as well as view emergency tips and preparation guidelines in the event of a hurricane. The Hurricane app is constantly undergoing updates to include shelter information as more shelter administrators provide details for citizens within various areas.

4 Coast Guard SafeTrx - iPhone owners can download the Coast Guard SafeTrx application, in particular sailors or persons planning to go sailing. The app was originally directed to Australian sailors but with the option of registering vessels and trips, including expected duration of the trip and emergency numbers; the GPS navigation systems should be able to track and direct sailors. SafeTrx logs position reports over each kilometre travelled and every five minutes if the vessel is stationary to the application server. If the estimated time of arrival (to stated destination) goes over time, emergency services are contacted in the area of travel, as well as emergency contacts logged by the user, quickly and directly. No notable reviews have been written by persons in Jamaica, but it is an application that can save Smartphone owners stranded at sea.