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Jamaica needs a Rastafarian senator

Published:Saturday | November 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM


This is in reference to your article ('Church of Haile Selassie I now legal') published Sunday, October 27, 2013, and the statement by the minister of justice, Mark Golding, "congratulating Ascento Foxe, the church overseer, for his steadfast leadership in pressing for incorporation".

Government Senator Lambert Brown argued that an apology should be made to the Rastafarians for the atrocities of Coral Gardens, among others. I myself could accept the statements of Minister Golding and Senator Brown, but I believe that the Government should go further.

Seeing that Rastafarians, under my leadership from 1953-2013, and according to Haile Selassie's commission for the establishment of the Rastafarian movement as an institutional body, play such an important role in Jamaican life, the prime minister and opposition leader should agree to appoint me, Ascento Foxe, to the Senate.


I am the only Rastaman who built Jamaica's image from Europe to the Americas. I demonstrated and contributed to the Department of Correctional Services and other organisations. I can make a contribution to Jamaica's business in Parliament

Senator Brown, according to Sunday's story, said, "Despite the persecution, Rastas have led the way," adding that Jamaica would have been a better place had the country followed many of the tenets of Rastafari.

I believe a Rasta senator would bring some justice for every member of the Jamaican society. I am asking the prime minister to study what I have said. Ten per cent of the Jamaican population is Rasta. Jamaica must make Rastas' voices heard.


New York, USA