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'Sexy-fying' food

Published:Monday | November 4, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Food and sex have more in common than we think - we all crave them, and they both satisfy our needs. But some couples are on the fence about using certain foods to accentuate the spark in the bedroom. However, according to sexologist Shelly-Ann 'Dr Sex' Weeks, food can be used as a vital ingredient in foreplay and the ultimate achievement of sexual satisfaction.

According to Weeks, food and sex work very well together, "Both food and sex appeal to all the senses. From a holistic point of view, sex involves all facets, and can stimulate the entire body. Satisfactory sex releases happy hormones into the body and creates a feeling of euphoria. Foods have been known to also stimulate a similar response. There are some specific ingredients that can help to make your sexual experience even more enjoyable, based on their shape, as well as nutritional content.

Weeks identified several sensual foods that could assist in creating increased pleasure for those who are willing to explore these fun-filled options.

Ice cream: Weeks explains that the cold from the ice cream adds stimulation because of the change in temperature. "Just place it on a body part and eat it up. Don't be afraid to clean the area thoroughly."

Cake: We all know that cookies can crumble, and so can cake. Weeks advises that couples crumble their favourite cake on their partner and without using hands, clean it up, crumb for crumb. "This is great for people who are squeamish about oral sex. Just put your favourite cake on and concentrate on eating the cake."

Chocolate syrup: This can also be used as a topping on your partner. "Any sticky food is great to add to your sex play because of the texture. You can massage it into the skin to create a relaxing and arousing sensation, and don't be afraid to get messy," Weeks emphasised.

Tea: This came as an unconventional surprise, but contrary to the ice cream, tea has an exhilaratingly warming effect, which can make your partner weak in the knees. Drinking tea, Weeks stated, "will make your mouth warm and adds the temperature element to your sexy fun. Using a hot mouth on your partner's sensitive areas, such as the nipples, is very intense and pleasurable."

Cucumber/carrot: These tubular vegetables can be used as a toy to stimulate the woman. "Use it to tease her until she is begging you for more."

The combination of food and sex could be an incredibly orgasmic combination. You probably never thought of using these supplies, which may already be in your kitchen. If they are not, then you can always make sure to put them on your list for your next trip to the grocery store.

When it comes to foods that should not be used in the bedroom, however, Weeks recommends avoiding spicy foods on the genitals. This will bring more pain that pleasure to the experience. Also, some couple may focus on the mess and what he or she would have to clean up after. Weeks' advice is to ignore that and just concentrate on the task at hand - having fun and enjoying your life.