Is Jamaica under UN rule?

Published: Wednesday | December 4, 2013 Comments 0


Recent events have led me to ponder the role of United Nations (UN) agencies in our country. The following incidents weighed heavily in this thought process:

1. On Sunday, December 1, 2013, there was a full-page advertisement in your newspaper sponsored by UNAIDS, UNDP and the National Family Planning Board. The ad prominently stated: 'Let's make laws that protect us all'. I read the ad and wondered why are UN agencies in our Parliament?

2. In the same edition of your newspaper, on page A2, you featured the matter of condoms in schools. According to that article, the local UNICEF country representative, Mr Mark Connolly, "Said the issue should be viewed similarly to the vaccinations given to young children to prevent various diseases." Will it get to a point where children must have their condoms on them at all times to make certain they are fully immunised? Is that what the UNICEF chief meant?

3. On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Child Justice Guidelines were launched. A great document, except that it includes references to 'sexual orientation' - a term which has been used to justify same-sex relationships in other countries. One could not but note the prominent role that UNICEF played in the creation of this document.

4. UNICEF was also very instrumental in the controversial Health and Family Life Education curriculum, a document which had to be withdrawn from our educational system, as it was generally agreed that it would have the effect of conditioning young minds towards homosexuality.

Combined with all the above is the fact that the current IMF agreement carries with it a legislative agenda. The IMF is a UN institution.

Forgive me then for asking, is Jamaica now under the rule of UN agencies? Is the UN now our new colonial master?


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