Christmas traditions - What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

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We asked our readers to tell us about their most treasured Christmas traditions. Here is some of what they had to say.

I remember everybody from the community coming together and fixing up the neighbourhood. It was a time spent with the family. All lovely moments.

- Denasha Wright

Me and my uncle killing goat!

- Preston Matthews

I remember the first time my mom let me decorate the house with lights and I shocked myself to no end!

- Zurie Blake

Going to Grand Market is my favourite tradition all the way!

- Tamikea Mundle

I remember going to Grand Market, the house was well decorated, lots of gifts, food and music. Friends would stop by to get cake and sorrel, or just to enjoy a meal.

- Di Lawrence

I remember doing Christmas holiday work at Ammar's, and how crazy shoppers were during that time. I made lots of tips then and loved it. I miss those days!

- Rohan Allen

I remember the good old rice and peas, the lights, the sorrel, the nice cool breeze. I loved the fun, parties all around in Jamaican style. I remember Grand Market, the gifts and my family getting together for the celebration. Only in Jamaica.

- Staceyann Graceful Everbless

I miss the fun with family, drinking sorrel, going to church, singing, enjoying ourselves playing ludo and marbles. Oh, I miss sweet Jamaica.

- Starr Imonea

I remember getting a cup of chocolate tea then going to early Christmas morning church service. Afterwards, we would go to St William Grant Park for Christmas Market to buy toys and 'blow-blow', then going home to a big breakfast of ham, eggs, ripe plantains and 'duck' bread. After that it was just about chilling with family.

- Grace Fraser-Francis

I remember baking the Christmas cake with my mom and just dying for the first taste of sorrel and fruitcake, or Christmas pudding. The family get-together.

- Trudy Mullings-Petersen

I remember my school, St Joseph's Girls' choir. We sang Christmas carols under the huge, well-lit Christmas tree at Parade. I remember firecrackers. Why did we call them clappers? Christmas market, King Street and all through Parade. I remember the paper hats with all varieties of decorations. Our parents would take us to buy Christmas shoes and clothes. I have to say those were the good old days! God bless our parents and Jamaica, the land of paradise where out of many, we are one people.

- Leonie Chen

I remember waking up on Christmas morning. Much to my disappointment, Santa had left and I didn't get to see him but he left us gifts of balloons, fee fee, firecrackers, mouth organ, etc. Simple but treasured gifts. And my mother comforting us, 'neva mine, next year I will make sure to wake you up.' This is an emotional memory for me, so I will not comment further.

- Velma DeLeon

The Jamaican Christmas carols, decorations, everything trimmed and cleaned up. I love to visit at Christmas time!

- Carolyn Respress Milton

Grand Market, Grand Market, Grand Market. Enough said!

- Dexter Croll

Spending it with my family, cooking, shopping, listening to Christmas carols.

- Susan Richards

I remember the Christmas market that I used to go to downtown Kingston. All the family members would meet at my aunt's house for Christmas dinner. Those days were much fun.

- Sa Pryce

I remember 'pepper lights'. It never seemed like such an exorbitant light bill, and we could walk to a party with friends with no fear of being robbed at the corner. (Sigh).

- Karl King Stretch Campbell

I remember waking up Christmas morning and the house having a different aroma, everything new, the food just having a different smell and taste. I miss my Jamaican Christmas.

- Ann Palmer

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