Gift-giving dilemma

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OKAY, SO I've got a dilemma. I'm in a Christmas gift-giving mood this year and I've selected three family members (the heart is willing, but the pocket is weak). They are my mother Joan, my grandpa Val and cousin Shane.

Reason for the three? Well, mom is mom. Argument done! Grandpa, my dad's father, is my only living grandparent, and I'm not sure if I've ever bought him anything (I know, terrible grandson).

And then, of course, Shane is one of those cousins I've watched grow up (teardrop forming). He may have got a gift or two when he was about two years old, but that's it.

Degrees of difficulty

I also picked them because they offer differing degrees of difficulty when it comes to finding gifts. Mom isn't hard to shop for at all. In fact, she takes all the mystery out of gift shopping when she flatly tells you what she wants for Christmas. Grandpa is another matter. As I said before, I haven't actually been splashing cash on him, and he does live with most of his children in a big family home. So I'm not sure what he needs, if anything. And then there's Shane. Being a teenager, he's as enigmatic as any other. You never know what to get them the older they get.

Mom's gift

I've made some headway, though. With mom, it's going to be a handbag. She practically told me that's what she wanted even before I started on my quest. The problem now is, what type? What colour? What style? Am I going for one of these 'house and land' deals or something smaller? Hmm, this might not be as easy as I thought. Grandpa is a farming man, from St Mary.

He isn't as spry as he once was, but he still works his land. So, I'm thinking a farming tool of some kind. Shane is like most people his age, in that he's into gadgets. So, I figure that's where I should be heading. But he has a laptop (I think), definitely has a tablet and a good-quality smartphone. So I need something else.

See my dilemma? Need your help. Give me your ideas, and where I can buy them at or send me a tweet at @dkellyworld.

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