Christmas traditions

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 What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

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We asked our Facebook friends to tell us about their favourite Christmas memories and traditions. Here's some of what they had to say.

Grand Market is one of my best memories of Christmas in Jamaica, coupled with Christmas dinner with family and friends.

- Horace 'Shad' Daley

I remember starting with breakfast of: hard dough bread with Anchor butter, roasted yellow yam, calaloo, cod fish, Johnny cake and ripe banana fritters. We'd wash it down with cocoa and sorrel. An extra glass of sorrel was well deserved after the lingering itch and scratch from its preparation. From there, I would go yard to yard to taste the neighbours' Christmas cakes and rum punch. By the time I reach the last house, I would start to stagger.

- Fleurette Edwards VanGulden

I remember going downtown Kingston for the parade and Junkanoo. The floats were awesome. If was fun. That was the best time of my life. Christmas in Jamaica.

- Marcia McIntosh

I remember the exciting parties and the fireworks.

-Anieca Small

I remember when Mom got us up early Christmas morning. She dressed us up then went Christmas market shopping.

- Dennis Brown

I remember sweeping the yard from corner to corner with bundled broomweed! I remember stringing out all the Christmas cards on a cord across the veranda, after washing every curtain, towel, sheet, mat, to put up new ones. And I remember delivering cakes and sodas to the poor and some friends. I also remember getting new clothes, and being happy!

- Andrea Longmore

I remember Christmas pudding, sorrel, poinsettias, Boxing Day, ham with cloves, and dominoes.

- Verna Davidson

Now that I am away from my family and long-time neighbours, I miss Jamaica, especially at Christmas. I remember shelling the peas, my mom seasoning the huge whole chicken, preparing the black cake. We would have to carry everything to bake down Tulip Lane, at the bakery (Mr Duffus was the baker). My brother was out selling curtain rods. My two older sisters helping out with the cooking and changing of curtains, house painting, floor waxed clean! Washing the new dishes and pots. My younger siblings and I checking our new clothes, shoes and socks like a million times.

- Ardenne Gayle

I remember my dad taking my brothers and I shopping, always looking forward to the new frock for Christmas morning, and the clothes to go to Pantomime. I remember we got our own soda and pocket money to buy what we wanted. I remember the sidewalk vendors and the Christmas tree at Sam Sharpe Square. I remember the Christmas songs. Christmas was good. I'll always cherish those memories.

- Marcia Deslandes

I remember walking downtown with my mother holding my hand so tight because of the crowd and I was lost in all the toys and pretty things. My mother kept saying "you too red yei" when I pointed out things I wanted. It was the only time as a poor child you would have hopes for something new.

- Tanya Merrick

Grand Market, singing Christmas songs in the neighbourhood, sorrel, black cakes. Listen, there is no place like Jamaica for Christmas.

- Tamara Williams

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