LETTER OF THE DAY - We sin differently, but we're all sinners

Published: Friday | December 6, 2013 Comments 0


I'm no advocate for homosexuality, as I am a Bible-believing Christian, and the Bible categorically states that homosexuality is a sin. But so, too, are lying, stealing, bad-mindedness, and grudgefulness.

Because of this, I do not subscribe to the notion, societal or religious, that homosexuals should be forced to be living under bridges or playing hopscotch with police and civilians in order to get through a day or night without being harassed.

When was the last time you saw someone being harassed or ridiculed because they are believed to have 'bad mind'?

Have you ever heard of anyone being cast out of their home or disowned by their family because they're liars? Even the pathologically mendacious ones are living it up at home, despite the fact that the 'bad mind', the unrepentant liar, and the remorseless homosexual are gonna end up the same place at the end of the day.

We sin differently, but we are all sinners, yet we categorise and treat some sins as greater than others to make ourselves feel comfortable. We need to stop this.

How tolerant we are of liars and fornicators, yet our biases force us to treat others, including homosexuals, less than humans sometimes.

Why? Because doing this gives a false sense of self and worth. It makes us think we are in a better position than they because all we do is tell a little lie or have a little sex outside of marriage.

News flash! Every sin is spelt S-I-N, and all a wi a guh hell if wi don't repent!

And lest it be mistaken that I'm preaching acceptance of homosexuality, I am NOT!

All I'm saying is, especially for us as Christians, let's do what Jesus does in the case of all of us: hate the sin, but love the sinner.

Let's be Christ's representatives and reach out when and where we can and show them love. That's what we are required to do.




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