Audley and Adlin Win-a-Wedding!

Published: Monday | December 9, 2013 Comments 0
Audrey Young and Adlin Smith
Audrey Young and Adlin Smith

After eight weeks of competition and nearly 30 entries, the Flair Magazine and Grand Pineapple Win-a-Wedding Promotion have chosen the winning couple!

Manchester residents Audley Young and Adlin Smith have been in love for 20 years - from the days of Sunday matinees and CB radios. Theirs has been a love story of challenges and triumphs, highs and lows, but most importantly, one of joy. Sticking by each other's side and raising their two children together, this couple is proof that long and lasting love does exist.

Here's their winning entry:

My full name is Adlin Smith and my children's father is Audley Young. We've been together since I was in grade nine in high school. We met over a CB radio, which was a big means of communication those days because God bless the people who had line phones back then. I gathered all the information I could get on him without him knowing by asking people. In those days as a young girl, you had to be very careful who you ask questions about a man because if your parents ever found out, especially your mother, you would be dead. It was said that only one woman should be in the yard and it should be her - my mother.

One weekend, I did all my chores and my mother gave me permission to go to the matinee as it was called. That was my first date with him, without my parents knowing. I could not tell what the movie was about and if my parents had asked I would have to make up something. By the end of the movie I was on cloud nine. Every weekend he would write me a love letter and send me chocolates with anyone who could get in contact with me, even if he had to pay them to do it.

I was not allowed to go out, but I guess he did not mind as long as I wrote him. I think I became his secret recipe for living and he slowly became mine. We have journeyed together for 20 long years. There have been mixed blessings in our lives - laughter and sadness, but we managed to stay together, especially now that our relationship has produced two children - one is a special (needs) child whom he is very great with.

We took time to build our relationship. Through different experiments, we have learned new solutions on how to cope. Surely, some things in life bring a sense of joy and fulfilment, and I can tell you he does. We have become connected in more ways than one like calling each other at the same time. No matter how busy he is, he has time for me. Nurturing this close connection in our relationship keeps us together and also contributes to our happiness. We love each other and our deaf son often signs to us the question "When are you getting married?" Our answer is "soon". But honestly, we cannot afford this.


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