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They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. 'Tis the season to be jolly, and many surround themselves with close friends and family in order to celebrate what Christmas truly stands for - love. For many couples, however, the season is also reminiscent of a different type of love, one of intimate significance.

Four young women, who experienced that extra feeling of love in the air around this time of the year, shared their journey in receiving one of the greatest gifts for Christmas.

A.F., 25

I met my boyfriend of almost six years during Christmas of 2007. I went out with my younger siblings in St Ann (I live in Portmore, but I go home to Ocho Rios every Christmas). We started as friends online but officially met on Christmas Day. He lives in Portland, but his mother lives on the border of St Ann and St Mary, so he was making regular visits to Ocho Rios as well, spending the holiday with her. Since we met, the friendship grew and blossomed into what is now our relationship which started May of the following year.

A.C., 27

My husband and I actually went to the same high school. I met him in my first year, but we didn't get together until I turned 17. We had liked each other from the beginning, but my best friend liked him too, so we both agreed to stay away. He and I would pass each other at school for years. He would always try and talk to me, but I always got nervous. It was when I turned 15 that I gravitated towards him. Everything about him made me nervous, scared, yet happy. We shared one memorable kiss, but we stayed friends, corresponding over the phone. After leaving high school, one day he called me out of the blue and told me he was stupid. I laughed; I wasn't really sure what he was saying. He told me I've always been there, through everything and that he couldn't imagine not having me there, that he loved me, and asked if I would be with him. I said yes, of course. We made it official on December 4. We've had our ups and downs, but those memories are without question the most precious. We celebrate that occasion every year, even though we're married, to always remind us of the beginning.

C.W., 27

We met on December 15 at a party. I was having fun with friends and with love music in the air, I was dancing up a storm. Then he came over, offered my friends and I drinks and sat beside me. We exchanged numbers and it has been amazing ever since. We are looking to get married in February, Valentine's Day to be exact, to honour our first kiss.

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