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Published: Monday | December 9, 2013 Comments 0
Kelsey Champagnie
Kelsey Champagnie
Dwight Leach
Dwight Leach

Do you think ticketing drivers for the use of mobile phones while operating a vehicle will make a difference?

Dwight Leach: If the ticketing system is set in place, maybe, just maybe, there would be less harmful incidents. Drivers that use their cell phones while driving should be ticketed because it's one of the main reasons or distractions that cause people to mow down people in the street and run other drivers off the road, causing major accidents. Whether or not it makes a difference, persons who recklessly use their mobile phones and cause such accidents should additionally be ticketed for the act.

Kelsey Champagnie: Ticketing would make a difference because, as with most things that you can be ticketed for, drivers try to minimise the occurrence of those activities and do whatever it takes to avoid getting the ticket. If the law began issuing tickets for mobile-phone usage while operating a vehicle, it would be a good deterrent.

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