Consumers still rule the roost

Published: Wednesday | December 11, 2013 Comments 0


I write in response to a letter you published under the caption 'Keep your rot to yourselves' (Gleaner, December 9, 2013).

There is a time-honoured fact that the consumer rules. 'He who pays the piper calls the tune' is perhaps the most famous expression of the extent of purchasing power.

To my Jamaica Manu-facturers' Association, Jamaica Exporters' Asso-ciation, and Jamaica Chamber of Commerce compatriots, please assist the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica in preventing Jamaica from "grinding to a halt" by facilitating a change to the labelling of your projects.

Make visible a decal (such as the flag) that identifies Jamaican products. In the States and in Europe, there are so many falsified labels that declare 'made in Jamaica', and consumers there gobble them up. Can we identify the authentic ones on the shelves so that we can show these xenophobes that it is not so much us who need them but they who need us?

Put more simply, after the USA, Jamaica is the biggest purchaser of Trinidadian goods. We need to let these xenophobes feel it where it matters most - in their pockets.

To the CAC (do you still exist?), please restart your Consumer Education Programme that outlines how buying Jamaica builds Jamaica and saves Jamaican jobs.

To the retailers, could you restock your shelves to bring Jamaican products (however packaged) to eye and chest height on your shelves?

To my fellow consumers, even if you can't come off Trinidadian products in one fell swoop (just suh), can we agree that as of now we will go one week out of every month where we do not buy any product of any sort at any price that has come in from Trinidad?


Ocho Rios, St Ann

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