Two fishermen lost at sea return home

Published: Friday | December 13, 2013 Comments 0

Shanique Samuels, Gleaner Writer

OLD HARBOUR, St Catherine:

THE OLD Harbour Fishing Beach in St Catherine was the scene of much excitement and celebration on Tuesday afternoon when two fishermen who were feared to have been lost at sea, returned home.

Both men, Malkie Hamilton and Ian Cooke, left the beach on Sunday afternoon for Pedro Cays, but they said they encountered bad weather. Their boat also developed mechanical problems.

Cooke, who was the captain of the vessel, said, "About eight miles from land, mi a change di gas bokkle, and the boat run into some problems, and then it just went adrift." He said after one night out at sea, they managed to fix one of the boat's engines and then they headed for land.

Hamilton, who was the other man on board the relatively small vessel, added that they ended up in an area called Northridge, and from there, to Rocky Point, where they were rescued.

terrible weather

The captain said he had expected to dock at the Pedro Cays by 9 p.m. Sunday night, had it not been for the problems they encountered on the way. "Di weather mad, man," he said. "It mad, mad, mad! It terrible, terrible, terrible, but we manage fi mek it back alive an mi happy. Mi feel good enuh, cause if me did gone, a woulda pure sadness ya now, so me glad fi come back," his companion added.

Despite enduring such an ordeal, the men were adamant that they would be going back to sea very soon, as fishing is their job and their only source of income. "Mi no feel no way different because me know mi affi deal wid di ting. A mi work so mi affi deal wid it, mi affi push it," Cooke said.

Hamilton said he was not daunted by the ordeal. "A coulda tomorrow, me a go a sea back, cause me no know nothing else."

Hamilton's brother, Charles Hamilton, said he was at a loss for words to describe how he felt to know that his brother had returned.

The men said they were at sea for two nights and three days.

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