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Trishana Chevannes, Contributor

It's been hours now that I've been sitting at this intersection with my hazard lights on. A few passers-by offered assistance, but they couldn't help with the problem. For the problem was not with the car but with me. I don't know if I should go left or right. I rested my head on the steering wheel and let out a deep sigh.

Left would take me back to my wife and kids. I smiled momentarily but as more thoughts flooded my mind, the smile melted away. Yes, back to my wife and kids, but also back to the financial crisis we're in. Since my wife, Leana, discovered the lump in her right breast everything went downhill. So between work and school and cooking and cleaning and helping the kids, I also have to be my wife's personal nurse. Bathing her is the worse, especially now that she has one breast. The first night I saw it she asked:

"So, what do you think?"

"I think you're more beautiful than before," I responded. Only to be slapped in the face that betrayed me. For what I actually thought was so awful it could not be voiced.

If I go right, I never have to look back. I got a permanent invitation from Pauline.

Pauline and I go way back, from the invention of her secret ingredient in mud pies to our graduation from fooling around at 15. Jah know, that night was sensational, a pleasant inferno which devoured our bodies. I chuckled. Pauline has that nice wire waist, those broad hips and blessed in areas that make my big hands look small.

Finally, the answer came to me clear as day. As I turned, I let my foot heavily depress the gas pedal.

I walked into the small, green walled room with an air of trepidation about me. I left before the household was awake and my phone had been off. Paula was standing over a yellow bucket filled with water and a rag in her hand. As I took the rag, I asked my daughter to leave the room. Leana sat on the bed wrapped up in a peach towel with her arms folded.

She looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, "You can leave if you like. I'm sure God won't hold it against you."

"I don't want to leave," I replied while reaching out to wipe the tears that threatened to break my heart.

Leana pulled away. I then sat on the bed and held her tightly despite her protests.

"Nothing but death could take me away from this family. Having one less breast does not handicap my affections for you, for they are insanely intense. My attraction is not only with your body but with the spirit it houses. So no matter what I'll always be attracted to you."

I gently pulled the towel away and rested my head on the flat portion of her chest while reassuring her of my love.

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