You can make it in hard times

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Steve Lyston, Contributor
Steve Lyston, Contributor

Steve Lyston, Contributor

Many are now crumbling under these hard times. Some are giving up and others are even taking their own lives! People are now realising that politicians are not representing the interests of the people they supposedly represent, but, instead, their own interests!

But, regardless of how hard it is, each person must know that they can make it. It just depends on a person's daily, personal choices.

Each day, God creates opportunities and access to blessings (Psalm 68: 19). The bad economy has nothing to do with one's daily survival. You can get blessings in any season (Psalm 68: 9).

We must begin to embrace the fact that politicians don't determine your future, you do! They are not responsible for your children's not going to school, neither are they responsible for the poor choices you may make - adulterous relationships, common-law relationships, producing children you refuse to take care of, and spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is a waste of precious time and much energy to become bitter with family members (particularly those overseas) who can't help you on a regular basis.

Even if you are/were a school dropout, for whatever reason, you can still rise out of your present situation. Don't blame yourself and dwell on past mistakes. Think about your future and rise like a phoenix. Most of us are allowing our past to determine, and even be, our future. God made us with many gifts, talents and ideas to rise out of our present situation. There is always something in our midst, during the hard times, to bring us out of poverty, debt and hopelessness (II Kings 4: 1-7).

Many are looking for the easy way out so they get involved in drug trafficking, dealing with illegal weapons, and other criminal activities. Many involved in these activities are being used by rich individuals, who don't have the desire to go the straight-and-narrow way and don't care about who they use. Ask the question: How many 'big men' do you see going to prison?

Even if you are fatherless, it is no excuse for getting involved in crime for survival. There are many persons who were without a father in their lives but they made it big. Persons such as Rex Nettleford, Gordon 'Butch' Stewart, the Matalons, the Issas, William 'Bill' Cosby and Dr Benjamin 'Ben' Carson all started from modest backgrounds, some without their fathers present, and their names are known today.

Don't Sell Yourself

You are more valuable than an iPad, BlackBerry, Android device or any amount of cash! Don't allow yourself to be used sexually to get these things.

Seek for an education! You have the capacity to own businesses while you maintain your moral values!

Be wise! Keep away from brand names, most of these business moguls have made it already; you can make it too! Why would you spend three or four times the money to get brand-name items when you could invest that in your education or in your own family for a better tomorrow!

Dress simply!

You don't need to drive in luxury, high-priced vehicles when you can get something less costly and save.

Don't sell yourselves to get rich. Some of the greatest things you can have are good health, a solid education, a debt-free home, and a family. One of life's greatest rewards is having the ability to help humanity!

Back To Basics

In hard times, for survival, it is cheaper and healthier to make use of the things that God has placed in our surroundings or environment. For example, it is cheaper and healthier to drink lime and water, or the basic lemonade, than it is to guzzle processed drinks. Limes and lemons have 10 times the health benefits of the processed drinks and 'juices'.

It is healthier and less expensive to grill or bake your meats than it is to microwave the processed foods. Not only does it damage your health, but it pushes up your electricity bill significantly. The good ol' wood or coal fires are better for our health. I am sure that there is someone who can come up with good ideas to make that work despite today's fast-paced global existence. Where there is natural spring water, cut down on imported water and source your own! Boil and purify your water and stop spending so much on imports!

Finally, when God gives you dreams and visions, it is to help you to be a better person. Stop gambling your life away! Find some people less fortunate than yourself and give what you were planning to gamble and see what a difference it will make to them and for you.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.

You can make it in hard times!


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