How close is too close?

Published: Monday | December 16, 2013 Comments 0

 Jody-Anne Lawrence, Gleaner Writer

When it comes to relationships, there is no rule book. So as the situation presents itself, we act on impulse or ask our friends. And that's what we did. Flair threw out some scenarios and got our readers' feedback. Do you agree?

Is it ok for your man to have a female best friend?

No! A best friend is someone who you call whenever, hang out with whenever, and share intimate details with. Now, I believe that part of being in a relationship is that he should share his feelings with me. There should be no other female that should be that close; he should not be spending more time or talking to any other woman more than he does with me.

- O.N. 26

Is it ok, for him to go out alone with his female best friends?

I don't think any of them [female] should be trusted. However, being that his best friend is not the only female he might be out with, then I see no reason for singling her out.

- J.B. 25

Is it ok for him to be friends with his ex?

No. History loves to repeat itself. Once emotions were involved, the mind won't forget. They can be friends, but not close like a best friend.

- C.M. 29

Is it ok for him to go out with his ex?

No. As much as people might call it insecurity, prevention is better than cure. Keep out of trouble. As the saying goes, 'Ol' fire stick easy fi ketch.'

- A.D. 25

Is it ok for him to remain friends with his ex's family?

No! Once we are no longer together everyone is cut out of my life. For my boyfriend it should be the same. I have a family; he must befriend my family not still be caught up with his ex's.

- B.G. 30

Is it ok for him to go out with his ex and not tell you?

Hell no. If you are just friends and there is nothing to it, why wouldn't you let me know? It would make me suspicious just because you are hiding it.

- A.D. 33

Is it ok for him to go through your phone and ask for your passwords?

Yes. I have nothing to hide; I don't see why not.

- S.B. 24

Is it ok for him to constantly expect you to check in on your whereabouts?

- V.J. 36

No. I understand making your partner aware of where you are if you're going somewhere strange, but if it's part of my routine, I shouldn't have to tell you where I am every single minute of the day.

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