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From Mile High to miles high - Tessanne's former band mate saw greatness in her future

Published:Wednesday | December 18, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Thompson

 Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Although the members of Tessanne Chin's former band, Mile High, have gone on to separate paths, her former band mate Andrew Thompson says he always knew Chin was destined for greatness.

Thompson was the drummer for the band and worked alongside Tessanne, as well as the band leader and bass player, Jason Morris; and guitarist, Paul Chang.

"We were a four-member group, very small and tight. We were fusing rock music with Jamaican music. She was not much different from how you see her now. She is very focused. Everybody in the band was a perfectionist and I haven't seen her change much from that," he told The Gleaner.

But Thompson has an even longer history with Tessanne, as he was also the drummer for her father's band.

"From them times when she was a little girl, I knew she would have been a singer. She had an amazing voice from them times. There is no surprise to see where she is now. From she was a little child, we all knew she was destined for greatness," he said.

"'The Voice' is just another step for some greatness that is going to happen down the line. You are going to hear many things from her."

Tessanne Chin wowed audiences on Monday night with her rehashing of Pink's Try, The Beatles' iconic Let It Be, and Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing in the final of NBC's 'The Voice'.

Although somewhat disappointed that Mile High didn't go further, "I am very happy for that little time to have been a part of that," Thompson said.

He noted that since the band ended, he has toured with Sean Paul and was also a member of Rootz Underground. He is currently a member of the Black Zebra band, works with singers Rebecca DePass and Suzanne Couch and is the audio marketer for Bashco.

As for the other members of Mile High, Jason Morris is a pilot in Abu Dhabi and Paul Chang lives in Tanzania.

Speaking to Thompson before Tessanne had performed in the final, Thompson was confident.

"Especially with that last performance [Bridge Over Troubled Water], she really won over everybody with that performance. I think she has really good chances to win," Thompson said.

But had it been up to him, he said he would have wanted Tessanne to perform one of the songs she wrote, such as Taken.

"Everytime I see she sing that song, people cry. That one really soften people up. She is a really good writer. It would be great for them to hear her writing," he said.

"I just want to wish her all the best. I am not surprised, she is just stepping up to the plate to get what she is deserving of."